Quebec delays return of civil service personnel to office Corona virus

They were expected to gradually return to their offices in government buildings on September 7.

The epidemiological situation forces us to play safely and postpone our plan to return to work for a month.

A quote:Sonia Label, Minister of Public Administration and Chairman of the Council to the Treasurer

So most employees will continue to engage in delivery as part of efforts to control the COVID-19 infection.

Minister Lebel said the reassessment would take place on October 4 at the end of September.

A public health recommendation

The decision was announced to employers within an hour of the public health recommendation Until the epidemiological situation is more favorable, move the plan to a later date for a face-to-face return to work for their employees..

Ministry of Health and Social Services points out Given the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases resulting from the current fourth wave, it is prudent to postpone the gradual return of employees to the environment as the delta variation within the population is significant. .

Health officials have found that most of the eruptions seen in previous tidal waves occurred in the workplace.

These were announced 550 New Govt-19 cases And one more death in that province in the last 24 hours.

The future of telecommunications

A Study shot This was done last May with telecom workers and employers, indicating that telecommunications will not agree with them in the future.

The first survey conducted by CROP among 450 telecom workers revealed that less than two-thirds of respondents prefer to work full-time.

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Another survey conducted over the same period on the orders of authorized HR consultants among about 1,060 of its members working in the business shows that 1% are willing to maintain full-time delivery.

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