Quebec haters

Quebec haters

I have already appreciated François Legault more politically than I do at the moment.

I applauded him when he stood up to activists and journalists who wanted Quebec to kneel before the doctrine of systemic racism. It was brave of him. I am still as grateful to Bill 21 as I am to him.

I believed that historical circumstances would lead him to reconnect with the idea of ​​freedom. Sometimes I still believe more or less secretly.


I stopped when I saw that he agreed to mass immigration, in the words of René Levesque, which he did not hesitate to defend and whose “Lucianization” he condemned. . As they say, I would be classified among the disillusioned nationalists. For this, I am often harsh with him.

I find the inquisition being conducted against him now by radical English-speakers who dare to compare him with the Spanish dictator Franco, disgusting. This is what happened in journalism Cult MTL – The author of this comparison is Taylor C. Noakes is not his first attempt at demonizing Quebecers. Another way is to call him a fascist.

It presents François Legault as an authoritarian and chauvinistic racist who oppresses English Canadians in Quebec and must be ousted from power by mass public demonstrations.

But what mental universe do we have to evolve into to believe for a moment that English-speakers are being persecuted in Quebec?

Noakes specifically complains about the already partially abandoned policy on universities, which aims only at reforming the funding of common sense, higher education institutions.

Is it normal for Quebec to fund low-cost courses for English Canadians who want to study at McGill, Concordia or Bishop? This, moreover, creates an absolutely insane institutional advantage in favor of English universities, while French-speaking universities are now considered secondary, residual, provincial institutions.

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This reminds us of one thing: a section of the English-speaking community, the minority, never accepted the peaceful revolution and the “master at home” that fueled it.

It is shot through with a neo-colonial fantasy and wants to see Quebecers submissively reunited with their native land. They dream of making Montreal a city-state – they are the new separatists.


As soon as Quebecers move a little, protest even weakly against the politico-demographic dynamics that they are disappearing, they withdraw their identity from the far-right, the intolerant, the cursed French-speakers. .

Unfortunately, Quebecers are sensitive to these insults. It is their old colonial complex, never fully destroyed, that comes to the surface.

However, they should know that one can rarely free oneself by asking the master’s permission.

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