Quebec is entering a critical point of no return

Quebec has taken a decisive step. However, what comes next will test our patience. details.

In short

  • A second step towards gentleness is just ahead;

  • The next one must wait;

  • A disappointing end to the month.

The spring is caught

A critical phase of spring has begun with a constant 10°C in southern Quebec. As in the past few months, the mild weather set in faster than normal: the first stable 10°C came from April 7. On average, they usually take place on April 12.

Point 1

Note that although the daily maximum values ​​are quite comfortable now, overnight minimums may drop below freezing in the coming weeks: the spring frost period is not yet over. However, temperature drops are less than at the beginning of the season.


If the milestone of a stable 10°C has now been reached, the next one is preferable: we expect a significant delay between the first 15°C of the year and root taking. The mercury in Montreal first showed this value on April 8, the day of the eclipse.

Point 2

According to weather models, a stable 15°C won't arrive until late April or May. In fact, the last week of April promises to be normal or slightly below normal. More than three weeks separates the 1st 15°C from the definitive, indicating a considerable delay.

Point 3

On average, southern Quebec will have a firm 15°C from April 29. So a step towards a soft high is delayed for the first time this year. So the first steps towards a vegetable garden will have to wait a little longer.

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Point 4

Good to know: If the second half of April is normal or below normal, it will be the first time since November 2023 that half of the month (14 days) will not be above normal.

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