Premier Heather Stephenson promises to listen to Manitobans

The 51-year-old politician was elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party on Saturday. She was also the first woman to serve as Prime Minister of Manitoba.

Heather Stephenson began to make her first media appearance in her new role without a speech or statement; He simply told reporters: Questions?.

He was questioned about a number of issues that have contributed to the ink spill, including reconciliation with the tribal people, education reform, the Manitoba University faculty strike and the Govt-19 epidemic.

To most questions he answered that he had not yet received an explanation or that he should consult his Caucasus, which he planned to do on Wednesday.

However, Stephenson repeatedly insisted during the press conference.

Manitobans have been asked for a long time, so this is something that Manitobans really want, The Prime Minister announces. The Progressive Conservative Party, which has been in power since 2016, has twice been elected, led by former leader Brian Polyster.

To search Balance In health medicines

Although Ms. Stephenson did not want to comment on the specific measures she would like to take in relation to the epidemic, she said she wanted balanced health rules.

Apparently, I will continue to seek the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of the Province. [mais aussi] Listen to manitobans who feel the negative impact of closures, She says.

I will do everything I can to make sure we are open [et que l’on évite un nouveau confinement], Says Heather Stephenson. He added that he hopes to meet with Chief Health Officer Brent Ruiz in the coming days.

The Prime Minister believes that the province’s vital care capacity needs to be enhanced and that the shortage of nurses is the biggest obstacle to achieving this goal.

Parliamentary business will resume in November

Heather Stephenson says the resumption date will be discussed in the Manitoba Legislature at a meeting on Wednesday and that date will be announced in the coming days.

He did not want to comment on changes made to his government’s cabinet. There will be changes […], But I do not think it should be done quickly, She says.

NDP opposition leader Vap Guinev congratulates Manitoba’s first female prime minister, Stephenson.

I urge you to recognize that Premier Stephenson’s government cuts and plans to integrate health care are bad. Their budget cuts have had devastating consequences for Manitoba during epidemics, he said.

Competed in court election

Heather Stephenson won the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party by 363 votes over her rival Shelley Clover.

The latter did not admit defeat and filed an official complaint in court on Tuesday to overturn these decisions.

I am the Prime Minister, he is notShelley Clover told the CBC on Tuesday.

Heather Stephenson received 8,405 votes, compared to 8,042 for Shelley Glover, according to official party figures. However, campaigners Heather Stephenson and Shelley Clover reported that at least 1,200 of the 25,000 activists did not receive ballots.

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The party promised that these issues would be resolved before election day. In a statement issued on Tuesday, the party reiterated that the election was “impartial”.

Mrs. of our Electoral Commission. After talking to Clover and his advisers and resolving their concerns, we hope they will find that the process and decision have been handled in the right way, accurately and impartially., Read in the proclamation.

Ms. Stephenson said she was “surprised and disappointed” that Ms Clover had taken legal action. But, you know, I’m not going to focus on this anymore. The Prime Minister says he will instead devote his energy to managing government files.

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