Quebec is headed for a second heat wave, and it’s not normal

Published on August 31, 2023 at 4:07 pm

Quebec experienced a heat wave in May. Then, nothing in June, July or August. The second in September, there may be an exceptional situation. forecast.

A heat wave on the horizon

Quebec has experienced only one heat wave so far in 2023, which occurred in early June. From then on, rain stole the show. The situation may change in the next few days as it is very possible to meet the criteria for a heat wave from September 4 to 6. Remember that a heat wave is defined by a sequence of three or more days with a maximum temperature of at least 30°.

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A heat from the south

It is a ridge that has been raging in South America for several days that is contributing to this heat wave in Quebec. This ridge produced extreme heat in many parts of the US last week. Fortunately, we are entitled to a simple overflow of this dome. So temperatures should be above normal, but not as whiteout as those that have affected our neighbors to the south.

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A potential sense of 40

The humidity will contribute to the uncomfortable heat for a few more days. In the south of the province, sentiments could reach the 40 threshold. Nights will be warmer than normal. Expect the mercury to rise above 20° during some nights from September 4 to 6.

Three months between two heat waves

The absence of a heat wave in July and August is extremely rare in Montreal. In the last 53 years, there have been 25 heat waves in July. So there’s a one in two chance of experiencing one this month. In August, the numbers are similar. 18 of the last 53 years, or one in three years. So we’re talking about 43 heat waves in July or August in Montreal since 1970.

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Once in sixteen

A heat wave in September is absolutely exceptional. There have been only three since 1970, and five since 1953. No one will be surprised to know that these heat waves occur in early September. The latest was in 2002, when the mercury touched 30° on September 8, 9 and 10.

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With the collaboration of Nicholas Lessard, meteorologist

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