July 4, 2022

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Rating of COVID-19 in Quebec | Twelve more hospitalized, seven deaths

While the number of hospital-related hospital admissions continues to rise in Quebec, the number of patients continues to rise. Seven new deaths have been reported in the province.

Released at 11:15 p.m.

Pierre-Andre Normandin

Pierre-Andre Normandin

The seven deaths recorded on Tuesday bring the daily average calculated in seven days to seven. This trend has increased by 23% in a week.

It is also reported that Quebec has been admitted to 12 hospitals since Saturday. Currently 1,041 people admitted to the hospital represent a 3% increase in a week. In intensive care, 35 patients indicate a nine-fold increase from Saturday.

The number of people in the hospital is likely to increase slightly over the next few days, with the number of admissions being slightly higher than the number of discharges.

The 844 new cases reported on Tuesday bring the daily average to 765. Thus in a week this trend has increased by 18%. These numbers reflect only a fraction of the total infections, due to limited access to PCR testing.

In addition to the cases detected by PCR tests, 670 people reported positive results of rapid testing in recent days. Self-report cases not included in the daily reported cases increased by 29% in the last week.

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