April 21, 2024

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Filing a bill for the service of family physicians in Quebec

The Legault government is due to file a bill on Thursday “aimed at providing primary care services by general practitioners and improving the management of this distribution”. The Federation of General Practitioners of Quebec (FMOQ) says this is “disappointing” and that the approach adopted by Quebec is “incomprehensible”.

When questioned about the bill in the House of Commons, Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubey reached out to doctors, saying “I can say it’s a problem.” It is therefore not possible to know whether each physician will be assigned 1000 patients or whether mandatory measures will be planned.

FMOQ says it ignores everything about the content of this bill. He says he only found out about it Tuesday night. “If it’s an outstretched hand, unfortunately, I ask myself why the radio has been silent for three weeks. [de la part de Québec], Its chairman dR. Louis Godin. If we really want to access each other, why not discuss? [avec nous] Haven’t we started working in three weeks? According to the FMOQ, the “last formal meeting” with the government begins on October 20.

D.R. Louis Godin fears that “above all, if we do not come to an agreement with the government, it will be a bill of coercion, obligations or threats.” “We’ve already exposed it, and if it goes through compulsion, it will have a very negative effect on the ground,” he says. This will bring confusion, a flaw. “Exhausted doctors have already announced Intended to reduce their attention.

Impatience is explained

In Quebec, 800,000 people still do not have a family doctor. However, 15% of the general practitioners in Quebec work full-time in the office, caring for less than 500 patients. Based on the data obtained by Duty.

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For several months, the Prime Minister Francois Legalt Family doctors are criticized Not doing enough in terms of patient care. In his inaugural parliamentary session speech on October 19, he reiterated his impatience with them. “I always thought it would be nice to come to an understanding with the doctors, but, if necessary, we would not hesitate to impose a decision because they expect the Cubs to take care of a front line services. Reasonable time,” he said at the time.

At a press conference the next day, the Prime Minister made it clear that this “decision” could take the form of a bill. He also said he had “RAMQ, physician-by-physician” figures indicating the number of patients registered per person. List of wanted by Franோois Legalt to be sent to CIUSSS and CISSSS, if law permits. FMOQ condemned the maneuver.

Then the tone diminished. Last week, the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dube, signaled that he would no longer comment on the Family Physicians file in the coming weeks, thus allowing the parties to have a “very positive and constructive discussion”. He noted that the list stamped by his government was “mentioned”, meaning that the name or practice number of the general coach did not appear.

“I have the feeling of hearing two speeches,” D. saidR. Louis Godin. […] It makes us think about what we lived for Gaétan Barrette Let’s see what it gave. It gave me a grudge against family medicine. “

Hand wrestling method

According to Franுவாois Beland, a professor at the University of Montreal School of Public Health and an expert in the management and evaluation of health policies, neither the people nor the government will emerge victorious from the conflict with general practitioners in the current context. Health system under pressure.

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“Historically, when reforms or bills affecting doctors were made in the form of a coup, it rarely worked,” he explains. We don’t know what this new bill will do, but when we use a stick, usually a carrot follows. “

In Quebec, when the Quebec Medicare plan was developed, general practitioners joined after a long war, and important and lasting changes were made following lengthy negotiations, Fran பிரான்ois Beland recalled.

“What we believe from this bill is that the government will continue on this peaceful path because doctors and their unions will be more and more open to other types of care and fees,” he thinks.

Even liberal leader Dominic Anglet believes that the difficult system once suggested by his party is no longer right. Prime Minister François Legault recently praised the merits of former Health Minister Gaétan Barrette’s Bill 20, which seeks to impose financial fines on doctors who fail to meet the government’s production targets.

“These arrangements [du projet de loi 20] In an environment where there is no epidemic, in an environment where there are no waiting lists as we know it, it is a very different environment. That is why we need to take a different approach to find a solution, ”Dominic Angled said on Wednesday, adding that it was now the position of the liberal Caucasus.

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