January 29, 2023

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Removing health restrictions | Masks are mandatory at some universities

Universities will maintain the obligation to wear the mask in class until the end of the semester, even if the planned activity is canceled by public health in mid-April.

Released at 5:00 p.m.

Leah Carrier

Leah Carrier

The universities of McGill and Concordia will continue to wear masks throughout the semester, which ends at the end of April.

Public health aims to make wearing the mask optional “by mid-April” in all public places except public transport. If the health environment allows, relief can be brought in by the end of March.

McGill University believes that after two years of wearing the mask, some may “need a period of adjustment”. “That’s why we decided to maintain most of our defenses against the Covit-19,” said Shirley Gordonas, a publicist for the rest of the quarter, including wearing a mask.

The masks will remain the same at Concordia University, where the exam period ends on the 1stEr May.

The entire semester is done wearing the mask and there is no need to change it very close to the end of the session.

Vannina Maestrochi, spokeswoman for Concordia University

The University of Montreal has not yet decided on the future of the mask on its campuses. “Our team of experts is examining the situation in conjunction with public health. We will inform our community soon, ”said spokeswoman Genevieve O’Mira. The University of Quebec in Montreal should also look into the question in the coming days.

Drop the mask

Unlike elementary and middle schools in the province, which eliminated the wearing of masks after the spring break, universities will drop action once the green light is shown in Quebec.

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This is the case with Sherbrook University.

When the government removes the obligation to wear a mask [d’intervention] In indoor public spaces, wearing a mask is no longer mandatory at University de Sherbrook.

Excerpt from the Sherbrook University Administration’s press release

“However, if people continue to want to wear masks, we will leave masks and hydroalcohol disinfectants at the entrances of buildings. The same goes for disinfecting surfaces, but the university wants to drop it in the late summer if “everything goes well”.

University Laval will adjust its health guidelines “according to orders issued by competent authorities”. “It includes instructions on how to wear a mask,” writes spokesman Simon La Terror.