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Ricky Timdins |  Pres

It’s not in Quebec, I mention, and I don’t want to find myself in the index at home.

Published at 9:00 am.

It is morning somewhere on earth. Stomach empty, moaning.

I order two timatines from the car “between two breads, with egg and cheese,” according to the French Academy. One with ham, the other with bacon.

I get everything, yes, ham and bacon, but these two supplements between two slices of bagel, without eggs and without cheese… stinky, timatines.

Stomach, irritated, gives up and is satisfied with it.

The day before, I ordered a tuna salad from a restaurant and it was served to me… without tuna!

Bad pass.

For a couple of years now, I’ve been living with a lot of stress at the thought of arriving in Drummondville, the capital city of Drummondville in the middle, after 8pm.

Of course, I still have this soft sandwich in the refrigerator of a convenience store, which makes me look, desperate to not seduce a catcher in his ad.

On each of my visits to the supermarket, I have the idea of ​​finding myself in the hallway of a middle school, so young are the employees. According to me the current average age is 4 secondary.

And I am an uncle. For decades, I’ve been eating the same pizza, from the same restaurants. It comforts me, calms me, connects me to the ground and makes me travel through the past. But my last experience with her shocked me. She betrayed me and she doesn’t taste the same anymore! I broke it. As I become an orphan.

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I cannot explain whether this disaster was due to the youngsters at the ovens or the miserliness of the owners who changed the recipe.

When all these difficulties are exposed, but I agree that things are bad in Donbass right now, I don’t want to blame these young people or businessmen who are involved in many businesses in Quebec.

But still.

Everyone now understands what demographers have been doing for years again, because we now feel its impact much closer to us. There is a severe labor crisis, shortages, and no end in sight.

Of course, governments of past decades have had to look beyond the end of their noses. But since the consequences were not immediate, we left the package to the next, and so on. Rolling Stone…

This is not only negligence on the part of our governments, it is unfair to assume. Steps have been taken, such as the Quebec government’s major investment in training in strategic trade announced a few months ago. Like last week’s CAQ internship announcement.

But when we read the other parties’ plans, we’re left with steamy, big policy statements that aren’t worth much money, except for familiar proposals about retired workers. All in all, with what’s on the table, it’s not enough.

Knowing that we are neck-deep in molasses, why don’t we realize the national emergency?

Why don’t we explain that there will be many labor shortages in the coming decades, and that in key sectors with many new workers, we have a comprehensive, clear plan to meet these needs, thanks to the summation of such solutions? A hole, a wedge.

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At the moment, we are hearing more and more from governments. And it is necessary to allow people with disabilities to enter the labor market. Excuse me? Do we really exist? We would soon believe that prisoners would be forced to work in ankle chains, as in the past, and perhaps still, in the American South.

And we think we’ll soon find a robot to torch CHSLDs, where I’ll be a customer. Note that a robot does not catch COVID-19, and this is a sure win.

Or restaurants become cafeterias without servers.

There is this very subtle meaning of immigration. Usually expressed as settlement limits. In Quebec, we want to control this immigration, and I understand that. But the admissions system for immigrants seems very poor and often heartless.

And there are these other human beings, who run their businesses, run their businesses, create wealth, for whom we have created an inexplicable barrier to welcome new workers. We sense great discouragement among traders and entrepreneurs.

We should not be surprised if the latter establish Mexico there. Net losses on the horizon.

Finally… if Quebecers from all political parties deserve during this election campaign, a comprehensive view of how much, when and how this labor crisis will be resolved.

Keep going! Are we going crazy there? We are talented.

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