February 26, 2024

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Russian prisoners revolt against military leaders in Donetsk

Russian prisoners revolt against military leaders in Donetsk

An insane prison recruitment scheme being used by Russia’s top military officers to find new cannon fodder for the war against Ukraine doesn’t seem to be going well: 11 inmates escaped in Donetsk while fellow recruits were thrown into the cellars for refusing to do so. fights.

That’s according to independent director Ostorozhno, Novosti, who released a sexy leaked audio on Tuesday that captures the unfolding chaos.

One prisoner told the outlet that about 70 prisoners are being held against their will in a cellar in Donetsk after a dispute with their leaders went off the rails. He said he and 10 others managed to escape during the chaos, but now they are terrified that the army will track them down, execute them, and mark them missing so that the circumstances of their deaths will be kept secret and their families will be kept under wraps. You do not receive compensation.

The prisoner recalls being told: “If you refuse to go fight, people from Wagner will come and we will shoot you.”

Just before the prisoners escape, a man identified as a Russian Defense Ministry official is caught on tape trying to convince the group of angry prisoners that they better follow orders.

A 10-minute clip shared by Ostorozhno, was reportedly surreptitiously recorded by Novosti after a group of prisoners conscripted into the war effort refused to storm Ukrainian positions in the Donbass, apparently beginning to draw attention to the fact that they were simply seen as a soft spot. A consumable resource for performing Human Wave style attacks.

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“You were given a mission yesterday, and you refused,” said an unnamed Department of Defense representative as he berated them. “I haven’t scared you with anything yet. Why do I need to scare you? I want to ask you, why didn’t you go carry out the mission?”

The official says, before an inmate cuts him off and shouts, “Of these there are only 11 left?” I was with them in the hospital! “

Inmates can be heard protesting that the contracts they were initially offered upon enlistment did not contain the same terms they were now told.

At that time, the military official refers to the founder of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, and tries to entice the prisoners to obey.

“What does Yevgeny Viktorovich always and everywhere say? The only thing you have to do is, as soon as you reach the positions, kill them. Whatever the enemy has, we will let you take it.” “You can only take loot from those you kill.”

He tells them that the only way they can leave the war before the six-month period is up is if they are killed or seriously wounded.

He warns that commanders “have the right to use weapons to establish discipline” in their ranks, or to use them against inmates if they give up their posts, prompting an inmate to laugh out loud.

“No need to smile!” The administrator replies immediately.

When inmates call volunteers from a “special unit”, the administrator can be heard telling them that they cannot carry “even a single document” with them.

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“Just like you, I don’t have a single document with me from the beginning of the Special Military Operation. Not even a single document. If something happens to me, well, they will identify me by DNA,” he says.

“The situation here is this: the task has been set, you need to carry it out. Believe me,” he says, telling the men that, having refused to participate in the assault squads, they will now serve in the acting police force of the Republic of Russia in Donetsk “according to the orders of the chief.”

The prisoners, apparently motionless, ask what happened to their leader, who one remarked had been “taken somewhere”.

“What is really going on?” the inmate asks.

After others have spoken up to say that with no proper documentation, they have no guarantees that the military won’t simply deceive them, another inmate pleads, “At least give our families some kind of guarantee, even if we get killed.”

However, the official seemed uncomfortable, and told the men that he would leave in five minutes, “After I leave here, that’s it. Then, I will regard this as a direct refusal, and will report it as a direct refusal.” [ to follow orders.]”

One prisoner from the group, who called his recruitment a “huge mistake”, told Ostrougno, that the military tried to throw inmates onto the battlefield without training, told Novosti.

After they protested, an army officer bluntly told them, “I was created.”