Pitfalls: Payback is not easy

Pitfalls: Payback is not easy

Every year around this time, the white carpet of winter dissipates, giving way to classic potholes in the province’s arteries. Some observers believe they are invading us earlier than usual.

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However, the situation seems to be worsening in Montreal. According to David Marsill, the city has received more than 1,000 reimbursement requests for 2022. Do you want compensation? Nothing is certain.

“You have to be aware that recoveries are a little more complex. Only 256 (drivers) were reimbursed. It’s a long process and the burden of proof is really in the hands of the motorists,” CAA-Quebec spokesperson David Marcil explained to LCN Tuesday morning.

“You have to prove that there was negligence and that the city knew. The laws ensure that the city is not responsible for damage to the suspension and tires.

Despite the heavy snowfall, the mild spells of January, February and March leave our streets and roads exposed to our winter tires with unfortunate holes already in the pavement.

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

Cyclists are not allowed on cycle lanes.

“You can say, yes, the ditch season started earlier. We got some rest and then it was very cold. We’ll get another chance, so that’s to be expected,” David Marcil said.

“Other pits appear, it’s part of the cycle.”

Every year, the situation on the streets of the province seems to be getting worse. However, CAA-Quebec did not receive more than normal call volume.

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Many drivers are unfortunate enough to drive over the large number of potholes that appear on the surface, but there is a quick solution to the seasonal problem.

“The fastest and most effective solution is to plug in,” affirms David Marcil. Make sure that there is not too much precipitation for it to adhere well.

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