April 21, 2024

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Saguenay Mayor Julie Dufour finds herself in the hot seat

Saguenay Mayor Julie Dufour finds herself in the hot seat

Municipal councilors Mireille Jean and Jean-Marc Crevier asked Saguenay Mayor Julie Dufour to step down from the city’s executive committee during a public meeting this afternoon.

Ms. Dufour has been the subject of a series of complaints before Quebec’s Director General of Elections (DGEQ) and the Municipal Commission.

“I have not yet been invited by the DGEQ and I will gladly cooperate,” he replied to Ms Jean.

A complaint was filed before the DGEQ by former mayor Josée Néron last June, based on the insistence of Jean-Marc Crevier. In the fall of 2021, Ms. Dufour will offer the former unionist a job as a city labor relations adviser if she has given up running for mayor.

However, Serge Simard, a former candidate for mayor in the 2021 elections, says he received a similar proposal from Ms Dufour at the same time.

“She asked me to meet her at her house,” said Mr. Simert said. In return for future considerations, she asked me to step down. I told him my application is not for sale”

“I didn’t know it was illegal,” he added.

For its part, the municipal commission is investigating the mayor’s involvement in the dismissal of Jean-Luc Roberge, the former general director of the Société de Transporte de Saguenay, who was dismissed in 2022.

“I ask you to step down as administrator during the investigation,” said Mr. Grevier added. The city did it with the writer (editor’s note: Carolyn Dion, fired by the city in early 2023) not too long ago. »

Both councilors also argued that the mayor fired councilor Michel Tremblay from the executive committee because of elements revealed to Quebec’s administrative tribunal. Jean-Luc Roberge contests his dismissal before this body.

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Julie Dufour has emphasized the reasons that led to Michael Tremblay’s ouster and expressed her desire to remain in office.

“Tremblay benefited from special benefits such as election signs during Mr. Campaign, the mayor defended. There are text messages as evidence.

This response infuriated Michael Tremblay.

“I was not contacted by the municipal commission,” he recalls. You advised me to look in the mirror. I can give you the same advice.

At the end of the session, Michael Potvin, consultant responsible for finance, Mr. Criticized Grevier’s conduct.

“There is no text, no record, and Ms. Nero complains for hearsay. We are not far from defamation. Jean Marc, if he does not have proof, stop talking! », he concluded.

Julie Dufour categorically denied meeting Serge Simart.

“I invite him to file a complaint and I will be happy to cooperate,” he concluded.