October 4, 2023

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The Must-Have Gaming Tech for 2023

Despite all the incredible advances made since the dawn of the 21st century, gaming technology continues to evolve at a truly astonishing pace. The gaming industry is easily one of the most potent sectors when it comes to pushing the boundaries of just what’s possible with innovation — it’s grown to the point where we now have immersive small-screen experiences that were once considered the stuff of sci-fi legend.

As we progress through this current decade, the gaming landscape is all set to become even more exciting than ever. If you want to enjoy all the experiences the industry is set to deliver in the coming years, from AI-enhanced games to the Metaverse, keep reading to discover the must-have gaming tech you’ve go to have in 2023 and beyond.

Trezor Model One Crypto Wallet

Both the concept of playing games for real money prizes and of blockchain/crypto gaming are nothing new in themselves. Back in the analog world, casino games like roulette have been played offline for centuries, and they’re still enjoyed here in the 21st century at online platforms such as PokerStars Casino, which has an extensive digital library of variants including High Roller Roulette. Meanwhile, the popularity of decentralized gaming has been bubbling away in the industry for a few years now, so why is this particular sector set to be so strong as the decade unfolds?

Well, this new era of GameFi is bringing even more opportunities for gamers to earn as they play. Tons of new P2E projects have been slated to launch over the coming 12 months, and that’s not even taking into consideration the vast array of titles already out there, like Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and more. So, with crypto gaming set to become such a dominant trend, it makes sense to invest in a secure cold storage crypto wallet so you can keep your digital assets safe while you play.

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One of the best cold storage wallets on the market right now is the Trezor Model One Wallet. Retailing at around $69 for an entry-level through to $219 for a premium device, the Model One supports over 1200 crypto coins, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and XRP.

This particular hardware wallet stands out from the crowd because of its raft of security features, even in the most affordable model. It also offers encrypted desktop software and a mobile app, ensuring you can safely manage your GameFi assets online.

PlayStation VR 2 Headset 

In case you didn’t already know, VR gaming is well on its way to becoming increasingly more immersive, particularly as advancements in Artificial Intelligence continue to accelerate. It may have taken a few years for this sector of the gaming industry to find its feet, but the latest predictions indicate that gaming in Virtual Reality will be valued at as much as $113 billion by 2032. Plus, with major brands and studios like Sony and Ubisoft continuing to develop VR IP, all the signs indicate that gaming in extended realities will be a long-running trend.

To fully enjoy all the new developments that will be coming your way, it makes sense to invest in a VR-ready headset. Earlier generations of such hardware weren’t without their faults, but the newer devices are suitable for a whole lot more in addition to gaming, so they’re a versatile option if you’re thinking of engaging more with the Metaverse.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sony’s PSVR 2 is currently one of the top devices in the market. Coming in at around $750, it packs in premium features like an OLED 120Hz panel, precise spatial tracking, and a cinematic mode.

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iBuypower Gaming RDY S6MBG201

Even the newest gaming peripherals won’t give you the elevated digital experience you deserve without a capable gaming PC to run them on (and yes, that includes PSVR 2 and other types of VR headsets). The age-old debate about whether PCs or consoles are better for gaming still rages on, but the general consensus is that gaming on the desktop is the way to go for future-proof experiences.

While there’s still plenty to be said for building your own machine if you’ve got the know-how, plenty of pre-built rigs are available that fall in the realm of affordability. One thing is for certain, though: unless you’re a professional eSports gamer or spend the year traveling, a desktop machine is always a more advisable purchase than a laptop.

The iBuypower Gaming RDY S6MBG201 PC may not be as well known as comparable Alienware or Dell models, but it features more than enough specs for the modern gamer. With an Intel Core i7 12700KF GPU and an NVIDIA RTX 3080 graphics card, it has all the capacity to play high frame-rate games.