Salaries of elected officials: Quebec solidaire asks to postpone this hike to 2026

Salaries of elected officials: Quebec solidaire asks to postpone this hike to 2026

Mr. Leduc sent a letter on Tuesday to Simon Jolin-Barrette, the Legault government’s justice minister and parliamentary leader, as well as official opposition parliamentary leader Monsef Derraji and PQ MP Pascal Bérubé. We need to get their support for an amendment to defer MPs’ salary hikes to the next legislature.

We still want all elected officials to agree with our position: Drop Bill 24 […] , Mr. Leduc writes. However, for now, given that the government wants the legislative process to continue, I invite you to support the first amendment I am going to put forward, which aims to postpone its coming into force. Bill till the next Assembly.

The bill, introduced in May, aims to raise the base annual salary of elected members of the National Assembly by $30,000, bringing it to $131,766.

QS Argues that elected officials should not vote on their own working conditions, but instead submit to the judgment of an independent panel.

Hochelaga-Maisonneuve’s pro-MP argued on Wednesday that elected officials were aware of their working conditions before running for office, which did not justify the full exercise of their functions.

Solidarity representatives are Manon Massey and Alexandre Leduc

Photo: Canadian Press

At his side, the co-spokesman QSManon Massé compared the salary increase of representatives to the minimum wage without a common measure.

“Our first objective is to stop this bill from happening,” Manon Maas added on Wednesday. Those on the minimum wage got a dollar raise.

Delegates who have the privilege of voting their salaries increase their salaries by 30%. Bye! »

A quote Manon Massé, co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire

Hoping to rally against the passage of this bill, QS Invites citizens to call their MNA office Tell him about their salary increase.

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Quebec solider pledged to donate a yet-to-be-determined portion of the new salary to the companies. Donations in blocks have increased significantly.


Last week, Prime Minister François Legault argued that the debate on the pay of elected members of the National Assembly had dragged on for too long and that his government was showing courage by introducing a law.

I am thinking among others of a young father who wants to provide as much as he can for his children. It is normal for him to be paid a competitive salaryIn the Blue Room on Tuesday Mr. Legault said.

it is a Funny argumentAccording to his words, he responded to the non-political deputy to earn money.

Also, the Parti Québécois (PQ) said it agreed with the plan QS Regarding postponement of entry into force. This would ensure that current elected officials would not vote on their own pay raises; PQ MP Pascal Bérubé explained that they must be (re)elected to benefit from this increase.

This is the song I mentioned earlier. QShe said.

Portrait of Pascal Perupy answering questions from journalists.

Pascal Bérubé is a member of the Parti Québécois in Matane-Matapedia. (Archives)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sylvain Roy Roussel

Some elected officials QP However, they are holding back on whether they will support the CAQ bill. They are expected to announce their decision on Wednesday.

Liberals, for their part, are more cautious about the proposal QS. I will work with our team to review the amendment in due course, said Liberal House Leader Mansef Terraji. The Liberal Party (PLQ) has already announced its support for the bill.

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Shouldn’t be The judge and the party

Although not seated in the National Assembly, the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) supported the withdrawal of Bill 24 to prevent bicameral elected officials. Judges and Parties.

Conservative leader Eric Duhaime did not fail to stamp his former political rival in the provincial elections.

Raising salaries by 30% without telling the voters is not brave, it is a form of lying. »

A quote Eric Duhaime, President of the PCQ

At a press conference on Wednesday, the Conservative leader expressed her anger at the timetable chosen CAQ Around this bill.

Eric Duheim during a press conference.

Eric Duhaime, leader of Quebec’s Conservative Party.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Jacques Bossinot

socially, Couldn’t be a worse timeHe recalled that the government offered his employees in negotiations 9% over 5 years or 1.8% per year.

On the other hand, the bill was filed on the last day that adoption could be done before the summer, Eric Duheim underlined.

To achieve this, Francois Legault did not rule out using cake. So A form of government arrogance, not to mention slippageAccording to the Conservative leader, who Not against Postponed the increase to 2026 as proposed by QS.

Meanwhile, he proposes that it be indexed against consumer prices and that salary increases take into account elected officials’ future pensions.

there CAQ The salary hike for MPs must be passed by the end of the parliamentary session on June 9.

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