There is a risk of tension erupting with the passport

There is a risk of tension erupting with the passport

As in France, the ideological struggle over health measures in Quebec is likely to intensify in the coming weeks with the implementation of the vaccine passport.

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“It simply came to our notice then [qui ont suivi les mesures] Because they say to themselves that they have lost themselves, ”explains a medical psychologist and associate professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

And anger on the other hand is on the rise.

“Like the vaccine passport, the more we are obligated, the more it disappoints the rest of the population because it feeds. [leur croyance]. »

Faced with an increase in COVID cases, Franுவாois LeCold confirmed Thursday that the vaccine passport will soon try to prevent a fourth wave of pollution in Quebec.

On August 4, Quebec filed 305 new lawsuits, up from 78 a month earlier.

This will allow citizens who have received their two doses of the vaccine to have an “almost normal life.” Legalt said.

Next Saturday, a new demonstration is set to take place in Montreal against the implementation of a health passport. Yesterday, nearly 5,000 people said they would like to participate on Facebook.

Expanding groove

For Ms. Puelo-Belletti, this new measure will widen the gap between cubes.

“On both sides, we are really sticking to our position and we understand the other camps less. For example, if I follow the steps from the beginning and see the possibility of getting vaccinated, it will be very difficult to understand why some people will not take this solution,” he said.

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But it works the other way around because some actions strengthen the beliefs of some who adhere to conspiracy theories and fuel distrust.

“You see a lot of people saying‘ these are propaganda news ’on social media under posts promoting the vaccine,” he cites as an example.

No revolution

For her part, Catherine des Rivers-Pigeon, a sociologist and full professor of sociology at UQAM, believes we can expect social tensions.

However, she believes there will be no major revolution, as there was in France, where nearly 237,000 people took to the streets yesterday. (See counter text)

« [Au Québec], We have seen anti-government movements, but not so much growing if we look at the measures taken in the end. […] Judging by the surveys we have conducted, there is considerable support for these measures, ”he says.

“There is a lot of controversy in France, which is a cultural question,” he adds. It will be even more interesting to see how the health pass is enjoyed in France because it will inevitably have an impact in Quebec. “

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