See | Reckless drivers in Bekancoor

See |  Reckless drivers in Bekancoor

Reckless drivers risked their lives to save a few minutes of driving in Pekankore on Thursday afternoon.

As the traffic was slow, many decided to drive on the median.

The dangerous behavior was caught on camera as repairs to the bridge caused a major slowdown.

Maneuvers can be dangerous. A few vehicles circled the lawn.

“Vehicles are practically immobile, and that’s what we have to understand. They have to accelerate to get back to traffic. Except when crossing a median in an undeveloped area, they go around on the shoulder,” said Francis Bernardin, head of road safety and recreational tourism at the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

“Clearly, re-entering traffic in this way can result in collision, injury and even death,” he added.

Among the reckless drivers was a truck driver.

According to an experienced trucker, there is nothing surprising in this behavior. Clement Marsais believes there will be more.

“Because we have electronic time-keeping, sometimes, for example, we have 30 minutes to go home and 35 minutes left in our daily paper. […] “If something unexpected happens to us on the road, that can make the difference between sleeping in the truck or sleeping at home,” he explained.

Thanks to the captured images, the SQ analyzes the possibility of opening an investigation to identify the drivers at fault. They may have to pay fines for violating the Highway Safety Code and may even be charged with dangerous driving.

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