Serious accident near Honflour: Two young men are in critical condition

The accident happened at 9:35 pm on the Grand Fuckland Highway.

The 18-year-old driver and four of his 14-year-old passengers were on an automobile when it overturned in a ditch, damaging a hydro-Quebec pole.

The two pulled themselves out of the vehicle. The jaws must have been used to clear the passage for the other three occupants who were trapped.

All of the passengers were taken to hospital, both of whom sustained serious injuries.

The driver had reached majority age some time ago. Among the other residents of the vehicle, some were getting ready to celebrate their fifteenth anniversary in the coming days.

The accident happened at the top of a hill and the locals knew it was dangerous.

The accident happened on a country road, at the top of a slope.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Colin Cotta-Ballet

This is a complex beach. This is correct. You have to swing a little to ride it, Says Jean-Yves Pigeon from Ste-Clare.

Himself, as an experienced motorist, recognizes that he is careful when going there. He thinks road signs should be put up to warn drivers.

Sarat to Quebec does not rule out filing charges related to this story.

We are continuing the investigation with the help of reformers, Sergeant Audrey-Anne Piloto explains. We must collect the version of everyone involved before charging a fee. Two young men with very serious injuries are not in a position to deliver to us at the moment.

The SQ Waiting for the results of mechanical expertise before proceeding. This will help determine if this is the cause of a mechanical failure.

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Alcohol is not in question, concludes Sarat to Quebec.

With information from Colin Cotta-Ballad.

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