April 16, 2024

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Tenant charter: “Rewriting anything is out of the question,” says Canada's transport minister

Tenant charter: “Rewriting anything is out of the question,” says Canada's transport minister

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday pledged to invest $1 billion in day care centers. He greatly irritates Francois Legault, who sees today's announcement and yesterday's announcement on housing as meddling in provincial affairs.

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Guest on the show balance sheetCanada's Transport Minister Pablo Rodriguez came to defend his government's plans.

However, it is unusual for a government to make such an announcement before presenting its budget for the year.

However, Mr. Rodriguez explained that his government “had a series of priorities.”[il] I wanted to share with Quebecers and all Canadians.

First, to respond to the Quebec premier's concerns, the transport minister wants to state that “home is a shared jurisdiction.”

“We're touching on areas where we've already worked with Quebec,” he says. We have invested 82 billion dollars, for which we have signed agreements with Quebec.

However, this Charter of Tenants' Rights, proposed by the Liberal government, was not well received by CAQ representatives.

Quebec's housing minister, France-Elaine Durenzo, promised yesterday that the fate of tenants should already be improved by Bill 31.

Also, tenants' rights are included in Quebec's civil code and a charter proposed by Prime Minister Trudeau could challenge the code.

“Rewriting anything is out of the question,” said Mr. Rodriguez assures. What we do is start the discussion.

“If Quebec doesn't want to get on board, it won't get on board, and we won't be there to force them to,” he notes.

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