Sharad Pawar drops resignation bombshell, then says ‘I’ll rethink’

Sharad Pawar drops resignation bombshell, then says ‘I’ll rethink’

Sharad Pawar announced his resignation, this morning, citing his advanced age.

New Delhi:

Veteran political leader Sharad Pawar has agreed to “rethink” his abrupt decision to step down from the top job in his National Congress Party, his nephew Ajit Pawar told reporters this evening. Ajit Pawar and Sharad Pawar’s daughter, Supriya Soli, met him this evening along with other party leaders and he later told reporters he had been out for a few days.

“I have made up my mind but because of you all, I will rethink my decision. But I need two to three days and I will think about it only if the workers go home. Some people have resigned from their positions in the party too. Ajit Pawar quoted his uncle as saying, “These The resignations must stop.”

He added that the leaders suggested that Sharad Pawar remain in the position of the president and appoint a working chief under him.

“We told Sharad Pawar that the workers are unhappy. You are the boss and appoint a chief worker. Sharad Pawar listened to us and then asked us to come back here and talk to the workers sitting here,” he added.

Mr. Pawar announced his resignation this morning due to his advanced age. He is 83 years old.

“It is time for a new generation to guide the party and the direction it intends to take. I recommend the formation of a committee of members of the National Congress Party to decide on the election of the vacant post of president,” he said.

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Praful Patil, a Rajya Sabha member of the party, said Sharad Pawar did not take anyone into confidence before announcing his resignation.

When Mr. Pawar made his announcement, doubling the suspicion that Ajit Pawar was drifting towards the BJP, the party workers were so shocked that they refused to leave the party office if he did not withdraw his decision. Several leaders, including MLA Jayant Patil, broke down. Other MLAs have announced that they are withdrawing from the caucus.

“After Sharad Pawar’s decision today, we all got emotional and put him on hold for hours and demanded him to reconsider. Since it was getting late, we asked Sharad Pawar to come home. However, the workers’ protest continued,” Ajit Pawar told reporters. .

He added, “Subsequently, several leaders went to Silver Oak to meet him and informed him of what was happening across the state.”

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