Warning: Police warn of financial fraud

Warning: Police warn of financial fraud

Quebec City police are warning the public against a type of fraudulent financial fraud that has gained momentum in recent times.

Files processed by police reveal that significant sums of money, in some cases over $10,000, have been extorted from victims in recent months.

The modus operandi remains the same: criminals will use fake accounts and pretend to be victims of the same age group.

Scammers ask victims to send intimate photos or videos and threaten to share them if they don’t pay.

The Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) reported that, according to police investigations, rapists, who often live abroad, adopt a threatening and aggressive approach to get what they want.

SPVQ offers prevention advice and specifically recommends that victims of financial fraud deactivate their social media accounts without deleting photos and keep a copy of the messages exchanged and a screenshot of the fraudster’s profile.

“Stop all communication with that person […] Don’t make decisions under pressure; Talk to someone you trust; Don’t give in to threats [et] “Do not send money or other photographs,” the police said.

Any information regarding this type of fraud should be directed to the police by dialing 911 for an immediate response.

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