February 25, 2024

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Smuggler arrested in Pass-Saint-Laurent: 20,000 methamphetamine tablets and half a pound of cocaine seized

About 20,000 methamphetamine tablets, 230 grams of cocaine and 97 grams of cannabis resin were seized yesterday at the Kamuraska MRC. A man believed to have played a key role in the drug trafficking network has been arrested in Pass-Saint-Laurent.

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The search took place in a garage located on the Rue de la Riviere in Saint-Gabriel-Lolland. Items used for drug dealing and a vehicle were confiscated.

The suspect was in his vehicle when he was apprehended on Lane 175 near L’Deb in Laurentian Park.

“The investigation shows that the suspect is an influencer in a drug trafficking network operating in the Pass-Saint-Laurent region”, cites Sarato to Quebec (SQ).

It will also be linked to another police operation on June 2 in Saint-Gabriel-Lamont, La Bogotியர்r and Mont-Carmel. At that time, four people were arrested in connection with drug trafficking, ”SQ said.

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