February 23, 2024

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Southern Quebec is flirting with record temperatures

Southern Quebec is flirting with record temperatures

With milder weather forecast until Sunday, southern Quebec should break temperature records on Friday, but Environment Canada predicts winter will be back in effect early next week.

On Friday, “We will certainly break records everywhere,” summarizes Environment Canada meteorologist Jean-Philippe Bégin in a telephone interview.

“In Montreal, the record was 7 degrees in 1990. We're forecasting almost 7 degrees today with good clears this afternoon,” he said Friday morning.

On Saturday, January 10, 2001, when it was 8.8 degrees, it seemed “a little more difficult to beat” as “we were expecting almost 8”.

“So, we're going to flirt with record temperatures, not beating them with our hands. »

Mr. Begin notes. However, temperatures will begin to drop there on Saturday.

In Montreal and southern Quebec, Sunday will be the changeover day. Mercury will begin a gradual decline, which will continue into next week.

“We're going to be close to or below seasonal norms for a good ten days,” summed up Mr. Averages for this time of year are -4 degrees Celsius during the day and -14 during the day, says Begin. at night

“Next week's headline: “Oh, winter's not over,” jokes the meteorologist.

Meanwhile, Environment Canada plans to issue a weather advisory on Friday afternoon, reminding people that puddles formed by the melt may pose a risk of aquaplaning and that light winds may cause overnight fog.

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