Woman murdered in Quebec: Urged to withdraw police complaint

After filing a complaint against his violent spouse in December 2020, the thirteenth victim of the murder of a woman in Quebec, under pressure from his wife, would have gone to the police station in 2021 to ask the police to withdraw the complaint, a friend of the murdered woman.

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At least this is the information obtained Newspaper In connection with the tragic murder that took place Monday through Tuesday night, Avenue Duval in the district of Limoylo.

According to a friend of the victim, Natalie Piche, a 33-year-old Mourinho accused of nouveau riche, she would have withdrawn her complaint after being subjected to pressure, emotional intimidation and experienced manipulation by those she married.

However, according to another version obtained Newspaper, When Natalie Piche came to the Victoria Park power station and asked if she was under pressure from her husband, the latter reportedly responded negatively.

  • Listen to Joel Wylancourt’s full interview on QUB Radio:

“After the victim spoke to him because he wanted to withdraw his complaint, the prosecutor said he had no evidence in court. However, under 810 the engagement was able to impose minimum conditions aimed at protecting the victim,” recalled DBCB spokeswoman Me Audrey Roy-Clutter. The march to be followed at the time was “strictly observed”.

Unbeknownst to her that day, the 55-year-old woman had sealed the tragic fate that had left her acquaintances, even in brief, in shock and despair.

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“I was really frozen when I found out the identity of the victim in the news,” says Joel Wylancourt, former Duchess of Limoilo for La Revenge des Duchess, who works at the Czechoslovakia in Quebec.

In 2019, he met Ms. Piche during an interview for a series of paintings about residents in the district of Limoyillo.

“I can’t believe it … she was so charitable. As a woman, it was painful for me to see this kindness turn against her,” she laments.

Caring and generous

From this unique meeting, Ms. Wylancourt has the memory of a good, welcoming and charitable woman, with her family and her four children in mind.

For a few hours, Ms. Piche expressed confidence in the course of her obstacle. His father was mentally ill and his mother left the family when he was 10 years old.

A mother in her teens, she provided for her daughter’s needs through social assistance. Before she was in her thirties, three more children were born, and then she returned to school benches. “She kept telling me a lot: ‘I ate poverty,'” said the woman who remembers the victim as a generous woman.

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what will happen To the one who is accepted if he is Recorded Guild Worse?

  • Noordin Mimouni will have to serve his sentence in Canada.
  • Upon release, he will face an order for deportation to his home country as he faces up to six months in prison.
  • If he is in danger in his country, he may request a risk assessment prior to removal. The nature of the crime was not taken into account. Only 2% of these requests are accepted.
  • A request for humanitarian reasons may be made prior to a recommendation. The nature of the crime will be taken into account at this stage.
  • Origin sometimes prevents convicted citizens from returning to Canada.
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