April 16, 2024

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Special friends | Montreal Journal

Economic announcement with eco-flavor in Montreal with Franசois Legalt?

In the aviation industry too!

Dream, to Justin Trudeau, Before the election campaign.

The next election for the Liberals in Quebec will be held mostly in the Montreal region.

Of the ten or more priority destination blocks in the province, a few are found on the north and south coasts of cities.

Will voters remember? 40 440 million Ottawa plans to invest in green planes and helicopters when it comes time to vote ? This is what the Liberals believe.


“Justin” and “Francois” chose where they left off and showed an open friendship.

It would be bold to see anything other than a self-serving friendship between two human beings that is not common.

Franுவாois Legalt is the joker of his friend “Justin” Confederation.

Trudeau knew he would lead against Ontario Conservatives Duck Ford and Alberta Conservative Jason Kenny.

He also knew that British Columbians John Horgan and Nova Scotian Ian Rankin could be trusted not to embarrass him too much.

Franுவாois Legold is like an amazing box.

From the very first days, he did not hesitate to put his identity in the 2019 federal campaign, bringing to the fore the thorny issue of secularism.

It is a safe bet that he will not hesitate to say what he thinks during the next federal election, even if it is annoying to his friend Justin.

Trudeau has already invested a lot in this interim relationship, even going so far as to expose the Quebec nationalist streak in his French defense.

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(Except in the case of the Governor-General, Oops …)

Trudeau hopes to compete with Black Cubacois at his home ground.

What could be better than shaking hands with the most famous and nationalist “Franுவாois” in order to provide an opportunity to perform better in Quebec.