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Spotify Wrapped 2023 assigns you a “sound city” based on your music taste

Spotify Wrapped 2023 assigns you a “sound city” based on your music taste

These years Spotify wrapped The tour is live. As in previous years, it features a set of shareable statistics that break down the most-listened to artists, songs, and podcasts by 574 million users. But there is There are also some surprisesAlso, including a new system that assigns you a city based on your listening habits.

Below are some of the characters you may be assigned to Spotify Wrapped.
Image: Spotify

This year, you can check out Spotify Wrapped through the app or on the web for the first time by heading to Spotify.com/wrapped. This tour will match you with a city — or “sound city,” as Spotify calls it — that shares a similar taste in music based on what you listened to in 2023. And like the “music personality” Spotify built into with Wrapped last year, it has a “I’m in 2023” that connects your listening styles to one 12 letters Made by Spotify. Having Luminary, for example, means you tend to “play more light, upbeat music than others,” while Alchemist might create more playlists than others.

Along with these great things, Spotify has been adding more to the metrics it includes every year. When you view your top five artists, you’ll now be able to see in which month your listening to each artist peaked. Meanwhile, the story of the first five genres has a new design representing each of the most listened to genres as ingredients in the sandwich.

Spotify Wrapped gives artists statistics on their most popular content.
Image: Spotify

There’s also a Spotify Wrapped experience for artists and podcasters, which collects creators’ most popular content of the year. In addition to all this, Spotify is launching wrap listening parties where a “select” group of artists, like Ava Max, Chelsea Cutler, and JVKE, can interact with fans, stream their best songs of the year, sell merchandise, and more. .

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You may also notice Spotify’s own DJ AI this year, which will supposedly walk you through your cover stats and offer “commentary on some of your favorite artists, genres, songs, and more.” This trial is scheduled to continue into the first week you can get your aggregated data for 2023.

Updated November 29, 8:29 a.m. ET: Note that Spotify Wrapped is available on the web for the first time.