February 6, 2023

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SPVM: Future leader Fadi Dagar says he has no choice but to accept

Outgoing Longueuil police chief Fady Dagher wrote a lengthy letter to his mayor, explaining that he had no choice but to step down from his post, an hour after being elected to lead the Montreal police force.

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“The police, who deal with 72% of the crimes in Quebec, cannot say ‘no’ when they ask me for help,” Fadi Dagger personally addressed Catherine Fournier in his resignation letter. , Mayor Longueuil, we have received a copy of it.

In the missive, Fadi Dagar gives the impression of an agonized man who had to justify his sudden departure when he renewed his eight-year contract with the Langueil (SPAL) police a few months ago.

“So why quit, it makes no sense, you must think? You are right. […] I didn’t get anything […]. When I am entrusted with an important task, dangerous, even dangerous, I cannot say no. I feel like I don’t have the courage,” he says.

And he adds: “I know I’m risking my reputation, my career and my health […]. I am here to serve. Where I’m needed.”

Observed very early

Mr. Dagar personally submitted this letter to the general administration of the city. Councilor of the City of Longueuil.

Also, depositing the letter so quickly before the interview on 23rd November, Mr. Dagger adds to the feeling of being chosen.

“Why did you hold a public consultation to establish what you are looking for as a leader and do this bogus act? In the police community, everyone knows that if Fadi applies, the position belongs to him,” said Andrey Durocher, former inspector and head of the media relations department of the SPVM.

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To this end, a source from the city of Montreal, whose identity we cannot reveal, told us that “Fady’s selection was remotely guided by Martin Brutholm, as was done with Sylvain Caron in 2018.”

Fady Dagger, however, may have been favored by the plant management much earlier than filtered through the media; Maybe early in the year, depending on what’s in his letter.

But he refused because he felt that the police in Longueuil (SPAL) were not ready to shine without him earlier this year:

“That’s why I said ‘no’ over and over again,” he wrote.

No goodbye

SPAL’s outgoing president ends his letter trying to reassure the mayor.

“So this is not goodbye. […] And I have a feeling that one way or another, sooner than expected, you and I will continue to work together.