Subdivision notwithstanding: Trudeau launches “a frontal assault” on Quebec, says Legault

Subdivision notwithstanding: Trudeau launches “a frontal assault” on Quebec, says Legault

Let me remind you that no Quebec government has adhered to the 1982 constitution that does not recognize the nation of Quebec.François Legault responded on Twitter Saturday morning.

In an interview Pres On Saturday morning, Justin Trudeau said his Justice Minister David Lametty was looking at possible ways to limit the use of the provision by the provinces, including going through the Supreme Court of Canada.

The notwithstanding clause or notwithstanding clause is found in section 33 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. According to the website of Quebec’s National Assembly, it allows the government it calls to “adopt legislation derogating from certain articles of the Charter,” and for a period of five years.

An excerpt from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

33(1) Parliament or the Legislature of a Province may pass a law which expressly states that it or any provision thereof shall have effect notwithstanding any specific provision of section 2 or sections 7 to 15 of this Charter.

Consequence of Contempt

(2) An Act or provision subject to a notification made pursuant to this section and in force has the effect it has, apart from the provision in question of the Charter.

Validity period

(3) A declaration referred to in subsection (1) ceases to have effect on the date specified therein or, at the latest, five years after it comes into force.

According to Justin Trudeau, its recent use by some provinces trivializes the suspension of rights protected by the Charter.

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford exercised this option in November 2022 A special law was passed outlawing the walkout of 55,000 supporters Schools in the province.

“It is not acceptable to use a preventive clause despite a government because it is deterrent [tribunaux] We can see whether it is constitutional or not,” Justin Trudeau also argued at the time. “It does, however, eliminate the political consequences of applying the rule. We are engaging in the suspension of Canadians’ fundamental rights without any consequences.”

In Quebec, François Legault used the contempt rule twice: once in 2021 Bill 96 aimed to create the French languageThe only official language and common language in Quebec And once in the same year 21 of the Act on Secularism.

It is one of the only provisions in the constitution that allow Quebec to assert its individuality, its individuality, and make joint choices different from its federal counterparts.In an interview with ICI RTI, former minister Benoit Pelletier, a constitutional expert and professor of law, commented.

According to Patrick Taillon, a constitutional law professor at Laval University, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s reiteration of the provision is not unusual.

It’s easier than ever for Justin Trudeau to take a firm stand when the debate over defamation crosses Quebec’s borders and becomes a debate in Ontario. The Constitutionalist analyzes what he sees in it as an electoral strategy that appeals to public opinion in Ontario, which he notes is highly hostile to contempt.

What would Legault do? Just ask the opposition in Quebec

Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon responded on Twitter, asking what Quebec’s premier intends to do to counter the federal government’s intentions.

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True to its verbal nationalism, [François] Legault was furious this morning. He’s angry that Ottawa is putting conditions on his health funding. [chemin] Refusal to apply Law 101 to Roxham or Companies [fédérales]. We know the rest. What will he do?

And on Twitter, the PQ leader accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of wanting Overturn our democratic elections with a government of self-elected judges.

[Justin] Trudeau appointed five of the nine Supreme Court justices; Political appointments are based on adherence to Trudeauist ideologyHe blurted out again.

Québec solidaire co-spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois also questioned François Legault’s ability to take action against the federal initiative. François Legault tweeted angrily at Justin Trudeau, but everyone has seen with health changes that he has no power relationship with Ottawa.he wrote on Twitter.

The [premier ministre] He said Canada has no lessons in protecting human rights and talking to indigenous peoples. It was necessary to build a Quebec nation where everyone’s dignity was protected, but François Legault abandoned this social project.

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