Swearing in by elected officials of Montreal | “Let’s do great things together”

When he took office for a second term as mayor of Montreal, at the Palais des congress de Montreal on Thursday evening, Valérie Plante promised to work “for the people, especially with them.”

Isabel Ducas

Isabel Ducas

“We’ll do great things together,” she laughed.

“A lot of work awaits on this mandate, to create a greener and more innovative Montreal.”

MMe Plante reiterated its priorities: affordable housing, livable and safe environments, efficient transportation systems and a new impetus for East Montreal.

The inauguration ceremony was held at the Palais des congrès de Montréal in the presence of 250 guests.

Selected officers entered the passing room in front of a respectable guard consisting of members of the Montreal Police Department and the Montreal Fire Department.

Valerie Blonde was taken away by the back pipe players.

Normally, 103 newly elected people should have taken office, but only 97 attended the ceremony. Six elected officials, district mayors or city councilors were unable to take office as re-counts were called following the November 7 election.

Trustee Kanasohon Kevin Deer opened the ceremony at the Mohawk Trail Longhouse.

Later, the Montreal City Secretary Mr.e Emmanuel Danny-Moore, following the proclamation and swearing in of the elected municipal officials, was appointed one by one, before all were unanimously sworn in.

Valerie Blonde signed the official affidavit and the Montreal City Guest Book, surrounded by her two sons and his wife, Pierre-Antoine Harvey.

The festival ended with four songs by an all-female band called The Pink Line.

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More women were elected in Montreal

Elections According to the portrait identified by Montreal, 61 women (59.2%) and 42 men (40.8%) can occupy one or the other of the 103 elected positions in the city of Montreal.

Elections Montreal said the portrait was based on official results, counting the six people who received the most votes in the by-elections, but whose election was subject to a recount.

At the meeting held last September 27, a city council was formed with 2 vacancies for a total of 65 seats with 29 women and 34 men.

The elections also highlight the excellent representation of Montreal youth, while 41 new faces are entering the municipal political scene in Montreal, including many young people under the age of 35.

17 candidates aged 35 and below were selected, i.e. 13 women and 4 men.

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