The Airbnb platform itself ensures that hosts comply with Quebec laws Fire in Old Montreal

The Airbnb platform itself ensures that hosts comply with Quebec laws  Fire in Old Montreal

Radio-Canada obtained a copy of a letter sent to Tourism Minister Caroline Proulx on Friday, which regional president Nathan Rodman promises to introduce in the coming days. A mandatory registration field applicable to all advertisements in the province.

Hosts that do not fill this field Their ads will be removedHe promised, without specifying whether Airbnb would take it upon itself to verify the accuracy of the information required by owners.

In addition, we will make our cities’ portal available to the Quebec government to facilitate host compliance monitoring.Rodman says.

These actions are part of our ongoing efforts to work with lawmakers to develop well-thought-out and fair short-term lodging regulations. »

A quote from Nathan Rodman, Airbnb’s regional director of public policy

Airbnb Canada understands this action This could have consequences for the thousands of Quebec hosts who rely on this income.

For this reason, the site is committed to its continuity Awareness campaigns with hosts Let them know about the requirements CITQ On a registration basis.

The fire that changed everything

The Legault government, which has signaled its inaction on the file since the fire in Old Montreal, has promised to tighten tourist accommodation laws by the end of the current parliamentary session.

Caroline Proulx wanted to force advertisers on short-term rental sites to enter their tourist certificate number in order to benefit from their services.

Airbnb’s Canadian leaders were also warned in person Thursday that Quebec would soon make them “responsible” during a meeting with the minister, and have since gone quiet.

Meanwhile, investigations continue to determine the circumstances surrounding the fire that destroyed the William-Watson-Ogilvy building on Thursday, which killed four people and left three others missing on March 16.

On Friday morning, officials said they had “no information available,” leading them to believe more than seven people may have been affected.

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