April 21, 2024

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Jean Chrétien’s words react to La Tuque

Jean Chrétien says that when he was Indian affairs minister, he had never heard of the condition of residential schools.

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Nevertheless, La Tuque boarding school administrators reported cases of sexual harassment to his ministry in the 1970s.

Today, many families with these manifestations are trying to heal their wounds. Mary Coon was a porter known as “École des Indiens de la Tuque”. She is surprised by Jean Chrétien’s words. According to him, the elected officials have deliberately shown blindness.

“They set up these residential schools. They need to know what is going on inside. These are not prisons that do not know what is going on. We were kids! ”She declares.

According to Journal of Montreal, A cook at La Duke boarding school was fired for sexual abuse while Jean Cretian was head of the Department of Indian Affairs.

One year later, in 1970, immigration staff wrote a letter directly to the Indian Department of Sexual Abuse. An investigation was launched and four residents were questioned. However, in the end no charges were laid.

About 50 years later, the residents ’scars are still deep. Mary Coon says she gets a lot of testimony from alumni. Adults who buried the atrocities that befell them, consumed with shame.

“It’s like you’re the culprit … these residential schools have destroyed a people, the next generation!” She believes that.

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The great leader of the Greek nation did not hide his expectations of the government. Mandy Gul-Masti’s mother was a porter in La Duc. He now wants elected officials to look to the future and take action to repair broken families.

“These stories at school were not fond memories for my mother. That too did not happen 100 years ago. For me this is a generation. And I consider myself a residential school survivor. We hope that Justin Trudeau will issue a very strong and clear mandate with his new cabinet, “said Mandy Gul-Masti.