April 17, 2024

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The Carbon Tax: Sorting Fact from Fiction

The Carbon Tax: Sorting Fact from Fiction

Justin Trudeau calls them to defend his carbon price, Pierre Poilievre tries to demolish it: Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux's figures are used in every way. Overview and preview of upcoming battles to see more clearly.

In front of his troops gathered in caucus last week, Pierre Poilevre hit out for the umpteenth time on his intention to scrap the carbon tax if the Conservatives win the next election. But he gave his new attacker a warning: from now on, he would attack Dangerous misinformation Carbon pricing by Justin Trudeau.

Shaking the papers with data from a report by Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) Yves Giroux released last year, the Conservative leader argued that, in most cases, households pay more in taxes than they get back from Ottawa. We know that Trudeau's claim that you got the money back is a lieHe began in the presence of his representatives and senators.

Hours later, during Question Time in the Commons, Justin Trudeau responded precisely the opposite, calling for more statements. DBP. The Parliamentary Budget Officer's report clearly indicates that across all parts of the country where pollution pricing applies, eight out of ten Canadian households get back more money than they pay each year.

Who is telling the truth?

Yves Giroux explains in an interview that the simple and flat answer is both correct. The apparent contradiction is that both see different sides of the same coin.