The city of Icaloid ensures the presence of hydrocarbons in municipal waterworks

During a press conference at the end of the day on Friday, officials released the results of a water analysis carried out in Ontario.

On Thursday, the city began discharging water from the distribution system, a process that took 48 hours.

Residents of the capital, Nunavut, will be called upon to evacuate the supply pipes of their homes.

Meanwhile, an order not to use tap water is in effect. However, officials promise that adults and children can use the water for washing, cleaning, bathing or showering.

City Director General Amy Elgersma told a news conference that there was a low health risk good news.

Based on the test results, says Chief Health Officer Michael Patterson Long-term health risks are not a concern at this time.

Residents of Iqaluit can go to water supply centers to get their supplies.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Mario de Ciccio

Dr. Patterson argues that you may experience symptoms such as headaches or abdominal pain after consuming contaminated water. However, he notes that these will not last Generally [que] A few hours, the time it takes for hydrocarbons to pass through the system.

On Tuesday, city officials ruled the pipeline was unfit for water consumption. The next day a municipal emergency was declared.

On Thursday, the Nunavut government declared a state of emergency in Igaluit and pumped 80,000 liters of water into the capital. The first shipment of bottled water was delivered within an hour.

A faulty groundwater reservoir

According to Amy Elgersma, an underground tank was identified as a source of pollution earlier this week, but further investigation is needed to understand how the different types of fuel infiltrated.

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Officials believe it could be diesel or kerosene, but say the amount could not be determined without knowing how these fuels ended up in the water.

It takes historical exams […] And soil analysis To better understand the situation, the General Manager explains. She hopes that the puzzle can still be solved very quickly.

Meanwhile, the contaminated tank is insulated and the valves are caught, officials add.

Municipal water is diverted to a second reservoir One step in the right direction, Says Mrs. Elgersma. Water from the faulty tank will be allowed to go inside and test.

Exports of water and baby formula are expected

The municipal capital announced the distribution of water and formula to two locations on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Three cargoes were to be delivered on the flight on Friday.

Each house was able to collect four 4 liter jugs of water. It is designed for immediate use only and should not be kept in reserve, the city said in a statement.

With information from Amy Tucker and Jackie McKay

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