Jean Airoldi apologizes for controversial comments

Designer and entrepreneur Jean Airoldi apologizes after the real estate of a candidate from the Coder team was flipped.

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“This morning on Sophie Drocher’s microphone, answering a question related to an article Magazine I point out to candidate Antoine Richard that his actions were not barred by the OACIQ, ”said Jean Airoldi, a candidate for the Verdun metropolitan councilor for Ensemble Montreal.

“After verification, there were prohibited practices. So I apologize if my words mislead the listeners,” he added in his statement.

  • Listen to Jean Airoldi’s interview on Sophie Drocher’s microphone

On Wednesday, our intelligence unit revealed that Antoine Richard, Vertone’s mayoral candidate for real estate broker and ensemble Montreal, made $ 471,000 in profits through real estate “Phillips” in a few months, using practices prohibited by the company. d’autoréglementation du Cortage immovable tube (OACIQ).

On Friday morning broadcast on QUB Radio, Mr. Airoldi came to the rescue of his colleague. “If it was banned, it would be the OACIQ report. It is to protect customers, not brokers,” he said, adding that Mr Richard’s explanations were “appropriate for him”.

Mr. who is also a broker. Airoldi revealed that he is taking a course in commercial real estate brokers. When asked what he thinks about real estate “flips”, the candidate said that simply “a lot of people” do.

“Everyone needs housing, but this is also the law of the market […] As far as I know, the person who sold Antoine to Richard is very happy with the price he sold, ”he said.

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