The corona virus controls the activities of people who have not been vaccinated against Alberta

The corona virus controls the activities of people who have not been vaccinated against Alberta

Alberta Premier Jason Kenny on Wednesday described the new measures during a press conference with Health Minister Tyler Shandro, Alberta Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinsha and Alberta Health Services President and CEO Dr. Verna Yu.

Jason Kenny acknowledged that the situation was urgent and needed immediate action.

This is the only responsible choice, as unvaccinated people flood hospitals.

A quote:Jason Kenny, Prime Minister of Alberta

Two weights, two sizes

As of September 20, the new regulations apply to businesses that do not require proof of vaccination. These activities are as follows:

  • In restaurants, bars and cafes, indoor rooms will be closed. Outside, the service is limited to six people per house per table. Liquor sales after 10pm and drinking after 11pm will be banned.
  • In convention centers, casinos, concert halls, nightclubs, and reception facilities are limited to one-third of the usual capacity;
  • In sports halls, group lessons for adults are prohibited.

Companies that require vaccination certification do not have to comply with its new measures.

It is mandatory to wear a mask on all indoor areas.

Vaccine proof

With regard to this evidence of vaccination, a single dose of the vaccine will suffice until October 25th. This dose should have been given two weeks in advance. Anyone with a negative result on a screening test (PCR or rapid) within the previous 72 hours will be accepted.

These screening tests will be carried out in private laboratories and at the expense of Alberton.

Children under the age of 12 are not required to provide evidence of vaccination or testing.

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According to Health Minister Tyler Shandro, the plan will reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and encourage more Alberts to be vaccinated.

New activities for public spaces

Meanwhile, the province has imposed new restrictions on indoor public spaces since Thursday. In addition to wearing a mandatory mask, physical space should be respected.

For those who have been vaccinated, all private indoor meetings are limited to a maximum of 10 people from two homes. There is no limit for children under 12 years of age.

At the onset of infection, people living alone can receive two designated contacts if they have been vaccinated alone.

Those who have not been vaccinated over the age of 12 cannot attend any private indoor meeting.

Private outdoor meetings can accommodate up to 200 people. Those who do not come from the same home should respect physical distance.

Places of worship will be limited to one-third of their reception capacity.

In schools, 4 and all students will be required to wear a face maske Year.

Finally, telecommunications as soon as possible is mandatory.

Strict daily fees

Currently, 877 people have been admitted to the hospital, including 218 in the intensive care unit. Never before have so many COVID-19 patients been in intensive care since the onset of the infection.

The number of active cases in the province stands at 18,421, with 1,609 new infections detected in the last 24 hours.

Since Monday, a further 24 deaths are to be mourned, bringing the death toll to 2,495 since the outbreak began.

Many voices were raised in the face of the growing number of hospitals in the province, especially in intensive care Requesting the implementation of new regulations.

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“Back to the square,” says Rachel Nodley

New Alberta Democrats One of the proponents of the vaccine passport.

On Wednesday, the leader of the official opposition, Rachel Nodley, responded to the province’s announcements. We got back to the first level, She lamented, noting some restrictions.

Ms. Nodley insisted it was 4e The ambiguity was due to the inaction of the government. It was all blocked. She would have liked these Necessary actions Should be placed in place beforehand.

In July, Jason Kenny The vaccine spoke out against the passport, He defended because it was against the law to access medical information in the province. But the government must stop more people from dying today. Saving lives should be our first concern, he said.

Earlier this week, the chief medical officer of health Recognized that the definition was very urgent in Alberta this summer.

This summer, we all hoped to put Govt-19 behind onceJason Kenny admitted Wednesday.[…] It is now clear that we made a mistake, and I apologize to you for that.

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