April 21, 2024

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The fire that destroyed the village of Lytton is believed to have been man-made

Fire Information Officer Erica Berg said Sunday that authorities suspect the fire may have started in Lytton.

Most of the early seasons are caused by humans rather than lightning.

An excerpt from:Erica Berg, Fire Information Officer

In summer, when conditions dry up, fires are more likely to be caused by natural factors such as lightning.

The specific cause of the Lytton Creek wildfire is still under discussion.An investigation G.R.C. Our investigators, Said Mrs. Berg.

A tree caught fire on a road outside Lytton on Wednesday evening.

Photo: 2 Reverse Remix Society / Vimeo

Lytton, 150 kilometers northeast of Vancouver, caught fire on Wednesday after recording three consecutive days of unprecedented temperatures in Canada. It rose to 49.6 at C on Tuesday The heat wave spread through western Canada like never before.

90% of the village is missing

More than 1,000 people fled Lytton and surrounding areas on Wednesday.

The province said Thursday was related to losses Most homes And village structures, as well as the local ambulance station and detachment G.R.C..

That local MP. 90% of the village was demolished.

Two cars covered in ashes without windows and tires in a desert environment.

Two cars were set on fire in a fire that destroyed British Columbia’s Lytton on Wednesday.

Photo: John Mundall

There are now more than 180 active fires in the province.

More than 100 firefighters from the province are coming to the rescue Monday.

Based on information from Marys Jeetler

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