Chinese interference in Quebec: RCMP intimidation complaints

Chinese interference in Quebec: RCMP intimidation complaints

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on Wednesday launched an awareness campaign about China’s interference on Quebec soil after receiving numerous complaints from Chinese-Canadians about alleged harassment, intimidation or threats against representatives of the Chinese Communist Party.

Agents RCMPAccompanied by municipal police officers, Quebecer, who is of Chinese descent, met with residents of Montreal and Brochard on Wednesday to try to get their message across.

We want to remind them that the Central Police is there to protect them and that’Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of threatsSpokesman Sergeant Charles Poirier argued RCMP.

The campaign, the first of its kind in Canada, comes more than a year after investigations into two police stations in Montreal and Brassard began. RCMP To work undercover on behalf of China on Quebec soil.

Reporting by Pascal Robitas.

there RCMP It now wants to encourage testimony and denunciations of this type of crime.

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