The judge only finds himself having fun

The Quebec Supreme Court judge has faced a series of complaints against him for misconduct at several hearings, where he made questionable jokes and inappropriate comments.

Our Bureau of Investigation was able to obtain transcripts of cases in which Judge Gerard Dugre made language and conduct errors. We took from it the best juice we can give you on these pages.

Since last spring, a Canadian court investigative team has been investigating seven disciplinary cases opened against him.

In addition to irrelevant comments, he is generally criticized for conducting his experiments by creating a “disorderly situation” in court, as shown by the passages presented here.

He is also accused of significant delays in delivering his verdicts.

The magistrate stopped him pending a decision on him. The legal costs of defending him before the Consul de la Magistrate and his annual salary of more than $ 300,000 are accepted by the taxpayer.

If he made a mistake, he could get disciplined. In Canada a judge cannot impose any sanction except in the most serious cases.

In the dungeon with rats

Angered, the magistrate addresses a witness in a family law case.

“It’s very serious there, very, very serious. You may be in contempt of court. […] That is, we can send you to think for a few moments in a cell below [au palais de justice].

We have two types: one for females, and the other are small mice that we do not eat. Then there are the men, there are the rats, and then we don’t feed them, they are hungry. So when you are in the cell …

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So there, I can go downstairs, in the cell, and think a little … ”

(His threat will not be carried out.)

A musical break

One day, Judge Tugre decides to push the song to court because he was inspired by the interlocutor’s first name in a case, a man named Marion.

“And, this morning, it comes to me [au travail], I have some songs about my subject, one of my favorite, because I found it, that, her name Marion*, Michael Delbeck [il se met à chanter en plein tribunal].

“Ah! That Marion, she was beautiful when she walked the streets of Paris.

When the Republic was formed in 1780 Marion was the Godmother of France, and it was my favorite song. So I have a Marion in front of me this morning [au tribunal]. Then [avant, j’avais] Asked his song. ”

* Perfect title for the piece That Marion was beautiful

The killing question

In a family law case, when someone asks harsh testimony about children, one of the parties wants to ask one last question.


One last question, Mr. Justice.

Judge Tugre

Cow! Last question.


This is really the last.

Judge Tugre

But remember, you didn’t ask Everyone is talking about it, You? […] When the focus starts to turn. […] And then, there, it’s called the killing question.


Here it is. And …

His definition of drinking

In a civil case involving the behavior of a person under the influence of alcohol, Tugre J.

“They don’t like wine because there are two bottles a day, one in the afternoon, one at night, and there are many who are perfect. […]. Dinner lasts three hours, and then dinner lasts three or four hours. […] Well, they took two bottles of wine.

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But the guy who takes a glass of wine and gets completely angry […]He had to be careful, he could not touch it. He had no rights because he was completely crazy. That’s why alcoholism. ”

The judge’s teasing

In a family law case, Judge Dugre was outraged by the controversy over choosing a school for a child. In front of lawyers, he shows his impatience with constant teasing and inappropriate comments towards his parents.

– “We can put it [l’enfant] At the boarding school, we will fix the problem. [Les parents] We will see him on June 24 and we will leave him alone. We’re going to say: Stay in boarding school, have fun with your friends, and then you’ll see Mom and Dad on June 24th. “

– “I can leave it for adoption, that’s the other solution I can take.” I pay for the adoption of the child. […] If the parents can’t notice it, it’s different [solution]. ⁇

– “But the magical solution, I still have. My magical solution is, I order the parties to reunite and then raise. [l’enfant] Until he was 18 years old. But unfortunately this is not a solution […] It is retained by the parties. I, I find it wonderful. “

– “When we break up, there are problems.”

Do two and two?

Judge Dugrey asks a chartered accountant “funny” questions as he prepares to testify.

Judge Tugre

Now, to test your skills, two and two, how much is it?



Judge Tugre

But what would a good accountant answer?


He will answer four.

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Judge Tugre

No, he replies: How much do you like it?



Judge Tugre

But they made financial statements at Custer Holdings, didn’t they?


Yes it is.

* The famous case that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada where the negligence of an accounting firm was brought to light.

Confused lawyer

At the start of a lawsuit, Judge Dugre makes a humorous joke with the last name of one of the lawyers, who is called Miley, like a German home appliance brand. This joke clearly upset the other lawyer in the case.

Judge Tugre

Now, do you think we can discount the equipment?

The other lawyer

On top of that …?

Judge Tugre

On appliances, home appliances?

The other lawyer


The lawyer is named Miley

… Miley.


Judge Tugre

You never think about this …

The other lawyer


Judge Tugre

… wait? Ask, we are going to negotiate a small discount for equipment.

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