Balancing at the center of national unity

Alberts are called upon to vote on the abolition of the principle of equation Referendum on October 18, Municipal and senatorial elections at the same time, as well as another referendum on time change.

Professor Andre Legors of the University of Ottawa School of Political Studies believes in balancing policy Important for Canadian national unity.

Equilibrium is a scheme administered by the federal government that collects taxes from all Canadians and pays the states with the lowest revenue generating capacity, i.e. Financial efficiency. Because Alberta is one of the richest provinces in Canada, it does not receive these allowances.

The scheme ensures that the provinces which otherwise have difficulty in providing quality public services can provide them with quality comparable to the affluent provinces., Explains Andre Legors.

Equilibrium leads to greater regional equality. This is an important condition of national unity.

A quote:Professor Andre Legors at the University of Ottawa School of Political Studies

Without the equation, economic inequalities between provinces would be very high. We already have an example of this in the United States, which is the only federation created without a balancing plan. This makes the uses of a poor state like Mississippi much worse than a rich state like California., He gives an example.

In the Canadian language, it means that public services in the five provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Manitoba will be adversely affected., He continues. Such a change could create resentment in those provinces that feel abandoned, he said.

Equilibrium is a sign of unity, but also a sign of resentment. There is a very reasonable discussion: what is the level of redistribution [des richesses] Should we be in the federation?

A quote:Professor Andre Legors at the University of Ottawa School of Political Studies

Impact of referendum on national unity

The question of the referendum, however, is about the removal of the principle of equilibrium from the Canadian Constitution and not a change in its calculation formula.

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Prime Minister Jason Kenny had previously agreed Yes The referendum can only give an argument for initiating constitutional negotiations with the central government and other provinces. Gold, There seems to be hunger in some provinces A change in the formula for calculating these constitutional negotiations or equations.

Jason Kenny met with Justin Trudeau to discuss Alberta issues a few months after being elected in 2019.

Photo: Canadian Press / Sean Gilpatrick

For this reason, Lisa Young, a professor of political science at the University of Calgary, believes the rest of the country did not pay much attention to the poll.

What the Alberta government will do [si on lui refuse des négociations constitutionnelles]? Is he trying to stir up separatist sentiment in the province? Possibility. This is a dangerous game, but is it realistic? I do not believe it, Mention Lisa Young.

His University of Alberta colleague Eric Adams believes that the small effort and publicity that the Kenyan government undertakes in this referendum is mitigating its impact in other parts of the country, amid the fourth wave of COVID-19.

What does the outcome of this poll really weigh? I hope what is decided on October 18th, it will not give much, He concludes.

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