Mary Simon becomes the 30th Governor General of Canada

The crown will now, for the first time in Canada, be represented by a tribe. On Tuesday, the appointment of Inuit leader Mary Simon as governor-general was hailed by politicians and tribal groups. The main interested party especially wants to play a role in reconciliation in the country.

I have a huge responsibility to contribute to the working relationship towards the reconciliation of Canadians and Indigenous peoples, ”said Mary Simon in her first speech at the Canadian Museum of History on Tuesday. De Cadino, with Prime Minister Trudeau.

The 74-year-old first made it clear that her role was, above all, “unpolitical” and that her vision was to work to build Canada “work together rather than against one another.” Mary Simon was originally from Nunavிக்k, Gujjuwak in Northeast-Quebec. He has been the presenter of CBC North and has held various positions representing the Inuit communities in addition to diplomatic positions. He was particularly the Canadian Ambassador for Circumstantial Affairs and the Canadian Ambassador to Denmark.

After thanking Queen Elizabeth II for accepting her candidacy submitted by the Prime Minister, she appeared before reporters in her native Inuktitut on Tuesday, presenting her input name Ningiuktluq.

Ms. Simon would not speak French, although she promised to learn the language during her reign. “I want things to be clear. I’m bilingual, but in Inuktitut and English. Because I grew up in Quebec, I was denied the opportunity to learn French during my stay at federal day schools,” he said in English.

His first speech as Governor-General ended with a sentence in French, where he said he “took it very seriously”. [son] The role of the defender of cultural and linguistic diversity that makes Canada unique. “

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Well received

First People Statistics, Inuit and First Nations, were delighted to see an Inuit representing a female head of state on Tuesday. “We are very proud of his appointment,” said Pita Adami, president of the Magiwick Corporation in Nord-to-Quebec.

“Inuit’s achievements are often overlooked in Canada. In that sense, it is possible to have an incumbent leader recognized, “said Nunavut. Mumilak Kagok wrote on Twitter. Guislene Picard, Speaker of the First National Assembly of Quebec and Labrador, and Perry Bellicard, National President of the First Nations, similarly welcomed the news. “Mary is a diplomat, a spokeswoman and a strong woman. I look forward to working with her as the Crown Representative in Canada! 2, announced the latter.

Politicians of all lines congratulated. Leader of the Official Federal Opposition, Erin O Tool, Greeted Mary Simon. “This is an important day for our country as a whole and especially for the Indigenous people. The role of the Governor General is important in uniting our country and uniting Canadians,” he wrote on Twitter.

Head Prevent Quebec, Yves-Francois Blanchett, Recalling his role as “not a representative, not an elected or a formal one”, while he hopes the appointment will help acknowledge the abuses experienced by the tribe.

“We hope the work environment at Ryto Hall will be greatly improved,” the NDP MP said. Alexandre Bouvellis added in a statement that he cites allegations of a toxic work environment in Rydo Hall under his predecessor Julie Payet.


It is Mary Simon’s responsibility to incorporate her seal into all new acts of Parliament. It will also have the power to dissolve parliament, prompting calls for federal elections. It is, when All parties are getting ready In order to start the election campaign in the coming months. “Currently, I am not talking about elections [avec le premier ministre] 2, promised the new Governor-General.

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The announcement of this appointment also comes in context Sad discovery Nearly 1,150 unmarked graves near Indian residential schools in the west of the country, mostly children.

Mary Simon replaces Julie Payette, Resigned in January, Following the devastating report of a toxic work environment at Ryto Hall. Since then, the post of Governor-General has been held by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Richard Wagner.

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