The party continues in Lanadiur

The promoter of the events in Lanadiar regularly organizes big parties for hundreds of young people who do not respect public health instructions and compares health officials to the “mafia”.

Newspaper We got dozens of videos this month, in which we see more than 500 young people dancing inside a huge marquee turning into a nightclub.

In other scenes, the impressive crowd in front of the concert. Apparently, without mask or distance.

All of these scenes, which appear to have been filmed before the epidemic, were filmed this summer at the site of the 45-degree North, an event company based in Saint-Galix. It is owned by Steve Maylet, a well-known businessman in the region.

“I do not want to comment further. I do not want any problem with the health authorities. It is like the mafia,” he said in an interview. Newspaper.

Up to 1000 guests

Mr. Maylet fully considers.

“Yes, we know about that. But we are a business, we are trying to survive,” the businessman defends.

Steve Miletus, owner of 45 Degrees North.

Photo from Facebook

Steve Miletus, owner of 45 Degrees North.

He makes sure the police do not interfere in his evenings. Its site is located in the center of a forest, far away from sight and citizens.

“The authorities don’t know, but I’m not the only one organizing events and doing it,” he assures.

The owner of 45 Degrees Nord agreed Magazine More than a dozen “parties” took place on its grounds. In total, according to him, between 500 and 1000 people were invited each time.

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“We want it to overflow.”

Already, a number of young people are advertising on social media for his next party, which will take place next Saturday in St-Calixte.

“We want it to be even bigger. We bet at least 1000 people. We want it to overflow! DJ, alcohol, Dietary restrictions, […] It’s fun, ”18-year-old Justin Rockimbold, who attends the party, explained in a video on the Dictoc social network.

As we know of the August 28 event, Sûreté du Québec (SQ)’s agent Hélène St-Pierre confirms. The police station in the area will closely monitor the situation. We would also like to meet the organizers before the event. ”

Marquee - 45 degrees north

Photo taken from the 45 degree North website


Pascal Lamy, a spokeswoman for the Lanadier Integrated Health and Social Service Center, declined to comment specifically on the content of the videos sent. Newspaper.

At this time, they are not allowed to do such events unless they follow some strict rules. […] 15,000 people with 500 groups will attend and outdoor performances will be allowed by booking and maintaining a distance of at least one meter, ”he said.Me Lami.

Good friend of a member

Steve Mellet, owner of 45 Degrees North, is now back in the news after talking about a story. The controversy is linked to Vice Louis-Charles Toine, Whose ride is in the Lanaudière area.

Our investigative office revealed last spring that CAQ members asked ministers Pierre Fitzkipen and Carolyn Brolux to donate $ 17,000 to 45 Degrees North, a company located in St. Galicstay.

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Mr. Toin, who now sits independently in the National Assembly, is also a child prodigy of Mr. Mylet.

In total, the three grants of $ 15,500 will finally reach Mr. between 2019 and 2020. Presented to Maillet, which provoked a outcry in Quebec.

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