The vaccine passport was dropped in Quebec on Saturday

The vaccine passport was dropped in Quebec on Saturday

(Montreal) Just like Quebecans who go to big box stores for weekend shopping go to restaurants, theaters, bars and other public places, they do not have to pick up their phone to issue a vaccination passport on Saturday.

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The obligation to submit your vaccination passport is in effect from the 1stEr In Quebec it was eliminated on Saturday, September, and a number of health measures were taken with the aim of reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Thus, since Saturday, the reception capacity in all public places in Quebec has been increased to 100%. In addition, there is no capacity limit for a table in restaurants, bars, restaurants and casinos, and all of these companies can return to their normal operating hours.

It is a twist on dance and karaoke activities.

No restriction on the number of participants in activities of a social nature is now imposed on the rental room.

The registration of visitors to private nursing homes has also been withdrawn.

Moreover, “communication cases” no longer need to isolate themselves.

In fact, those who lived with someone suffering from COVID-19 had to isolate themselves at home for five days until Friday, but were not required to do so from Saturday.

At a press conference on Thursday, the Acting National Director of Public Health, Dr.R. Luc Boileau, however, pointed out that “action must be taken to protect others” such as avoiding areas where the mask can be removed.

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

National Director of Public Health, Dr.R. Luc Boileau

However, with the exception of public transportation, it is necessary to wait until “the end of mid-April” until the duty to wear the mask in all public places is completed. In the latter case, the termination of duty will come “in early May”.

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The Director General of the La de Sants du Quebec considers the vaccine passport to have “proven to be a valuable tool for promoting the vaccine and protecting the population by reducing the risk of infection”.

However, its February 14 recommendations stated that two million cubes were infected with the virus, and that “these people, whether vaccinated or not, have the lowest risk of contracting the disease after exposure and / or being re-infected with the same virus.”

Moreover, the risk of infection is not reduced at the same rate as the delta variant, which often dominates when the vaccine passport is fitted, he underscores.

In addition, Santa-Quebec does not publish the “dashboard” that provides the daily report of the Govt-19 on weekends.

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