Conservatives hire businessman Vincent Duhamal

The Conservative group hopes the Quebec Inc. entrepreneur will help give weight to his economic group and add credibility to his recovery plan, which he wants to present to Canadians during the campaign.

The Conservatives have been ranked third and fourth in Prom – Mississippi for more than 20 years. In fact, the ride last turned blue during the reign of Brian Mulroney, in the 1984 and 1988 elections.

Hopefully the party will be distracted with the candidacy of Vincent Duhamal.

A good catch

Vincent Duhamel has everything he needs with his map, to be a future finance minister or to have an important economic portfolio., Refers to a conservative source. This is a good catch For the party and the region, he continues.

Vincent Duhamal has 30 years of investment management experience in Canada and Asia. He is the former president and global COO of Fierra Capital, an independent investment management company based in Montreal, which manages nearly $ 180 billion in assets worldwide, primarily for corporate clients. He was the CEO of Lombard Odyssey in Asia.

Vincent Duhamel was half retired for a few months and wanted to accept new challenges.

I am sorry to see in what state we are going to give the country to our children, he believes. I could not be a stage manager in the current state of the economy.

As an active person, I have no right to complain without taking concrete action to help improve our situation.

A quote:Vincent Duhamel

Conservatives believe their new candidate and his address book can help mobilize donations in the business world.

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According to our sources, it was Vincent Duhamel who approached the Conservative Party, through Senator Claude Carringen. The current would have gone well since his first meeting with Lieutenant Richard Martel in Quebec for Erin O’Dowl.

Richard Martell, who says he is a very lowly man, knows the facts of the land.

He was very concerned about the economic situation in Canada and he wanted to make a difference. I know for a fact that he will be an asset to our party.

A quote:Richard Martell, Lieutenant in Quebec for the Conservatives

According to Conservative leader Erin O’Dwyer, he believes in Vincent Duhamel’s candidacy. It shows that we have a solid team that is ready to work for economic recovery and for Quebec.

Erin O’Toole wants to put forward in her election campaign a stimulus plan to give Oxygen that will create one million jobs in the first year. For all sectors of the economy in all parts of the country.


Nominated by Vincent Duhamel Erin O’Dowley without a meeting nominated as a Prom – Mississauga candidate. But it was not there Parachute, Confirms a conservative source, because he owns a house in Makok.

The Prom – Mississippi ride is empty as the Liberal Line Bezette exits without seeking a new mandate. Mr. Duhamel will face Liberal Pascal Saint-Onge and Black Cupocois Marillo Alleri.

In 2019, the Conservatives took third place behind Prom – Mississippi (with 12.5% ​​of the vote), the Liberals (38.2%) and the Black (34.4%).

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