There is no patent to protect his building

There is no patent to protect his building

A bogus federation boss who deceived hundreds of inventors and wanted to patent their ideas will be sent to jail and lose his luxurious $ 1.3 million pavilion.

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“We have blocked Pavillon des inventors du Québec and we intend to confiscate it as criminal proceeds,” Christian Warin said in a Montreal court on Tuesday.

The 64-year-old groom was a Charlotte who led the Confederation of Inventors in Quebec. From 2015 to 2018, without knowing anything about the process, he tricked inventors into paying dollars to help him file a patent.

But with his attractive website, it was really just an empty shell, able to win the trust of people who could pay thousands of dollars to get help from a fraudster.

During the trial, the man, who was paid by the tax to write the patent applications, even admitted that he had written nonsense in his documents.

The prison said

However, the groom’s fraud paid off. In fact, he had built himself a luxurious $ 1.3 million pavilion, which he rented on the Airbnb platform for a hefty price.

But if he had devised maneuvers to prevent it from being captured, the Crown firmly believes it could actually do it.

“We are going to hear the sentence of imprisonment [soit de plus de deux ans] Nicholas Amerlon added.

The next hearing is set for May.

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