Thousands of central government employees vote in favor of strike order

Thousands of central government employees vote in favor of strike order

However, this decision does not mean that central government employees will automatically go on strike. Instead, their union now has the power to do so, which could have consequences for Canadians, especially since on Friday the 35,000 federal employees of the Canada Revenue Agency announced they would receive a strike mandate. Very solid.

Percentage of membersPSAC Who voted in favor of the strike was not disclosed during the press conference or in related press releases.

Members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) protest outside the Treasury Board building in Ottawa on Friday, March 31, 2023. (file image)

Photo: The Canadian Press / Patrick Doyle

Our objective remains the same: to reach an agreement at the negotiating table. So bargaining teams and union leadership will meet very soon to decide on the next course of action.asserts Chris Aylward.

Central government employees are likely to go on strike next week, but the union still wants to continue the mediation reached with the government a few days ago.

Ball is now Mr. It’s on Trudeau’s turf. His government must take the chance — the last chance — to negotiate a fair and just contract for federal public employees, or face a historic national strike that no one wants, but it will hurt millions of people across the country. »

A quote Yvon Barrière, PSAC Regional Executive Vice President for Quebec
Yvon Barrière poses for the camera in front of the windows, with downtown Ottawa behind him.

Yvon Barrière is the Regional Executive Vice-President of Public Service Alliance Canada (PSAC) for Quebec.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frédéric Pepin

Already on Monday, thePSAC It indicates that its members have prepared for such a situation Confident A can be A strong strike order. The largest union of federal civil servants on Tuesday asked its members to register with Interac Exchange to seek compensation in the event of a strike.

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To prevent the consequences for Canadians from being too severe, the federal government implemented contingency plans in late March to ensure the maintenance of essential services in the middle of the tax season. Thus, thousands of civil servants could be barred from participating in a civil service strike called this spring.

If a strike is called, many services and sectors, such as passports, immigration or employment insurance, may be affected.

Workers who are considered essential are selected by the government and the union.

For this purpose, thePSAC It took no alternative in warning its members not to work during the strike.

Let’s be clear: Working during a strike may seem harmless, even remotely, but it affects negotiations and your coworkers. »

A quote An excerpt from a notePSAC sent to its members

Union members are asking for wage increases in line with inflation and a telework policy in their collective agreements.

So the next two weeks will be crucial [les] Members of the Treasury Board and the Canada Revenue Agency, as these negotiations will determine the success or failure of these negotiationsAlso wrotePSAC In his Tuesday morning note.

The central government wants an agreement at the negotiating table

In response to the notificationPSACTreasury Board Secretariat (TBS) prefers Reach an agreement at the negotiating table as soon as possibleIt emphasized that negotiations are continuing through mediation this week.

We have made significant progress in the last week and have fulfilled many of the demands of the unionsGovt says.

There are many points on which both sides can compromise, including salary increasesPSAC It shares our commitment to negotiate in good faith, to reach agreements as soon as possible at the bargaining table. »

A quote Excerpt from Treasury Board Secretariat press release

For his part, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says federal officials did Amazing work over the last few yearsImplementation of support programs especially during pandemics and recognizing the cost of living There is more for everyone.

Negotiations at the bargaining table are the most important. This will ensure that a fair settlement is reached for all. »

A quote Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

on the side NDPParty leader Jagmeet Singh emphasized The Liberal government and Prime Minister Trudeau will negotiate a better deal with its workers, to give [du] Respect for workers because they deserve it.

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It was these same workers who provided for the people ECP, they helped people. Now they deserve the respect of the central governmentMr. Singh continues.

Difficult negotiations

Over the past few months, negotiations between the two sides have been difficultPSAC and the federal government to renew the collective agreements of nearly 120,000 government employees.

Talks resumed with a mediator on April 2 following the recommendation of the Public Welfare Commission last February, which recommended a 9% wage hike over 3 years.

On the central government’s side, Treasury Board President Mona Fortier said on April 3 that she hoped to see progress in negotiations with the central public service.

With information from Patrick Foucault, Charles Lalande, Frédéric Pepin and Emmanuelle Poisson

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