Trudeau does not plan to convene his caucus despite discontent in his camp

Trudeau does not plan to convene his caucus despite discontent in his camp

Justin Trudeau rejected the idea of ​​convening his emergency committee after a painful defeat in the Toronto by-election, despite several demands from MPs, alarmed by the state of the ground.

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Asked on the topic during a press conference in Montreal on Wednesday, the prime minister repeated that “discussions” were ongoing with his troops.

Instead of a major summit that would see the Liberals head to Ottawa in mid-summer, Mr. Trudeau plans to discuss the situation individually with his most concerned MPs by phone.

A liberal source is indicated Newspaper The idea of ​​organizing an emergency meeting would send the wrong signal to the people and give the impression of a panicked and out-of-control government.

Despite some calls for his resignation from his own posts, Mr. Trudeau again vowed to lead the battle against Pierre Poilivre’s conservatives until the next election.

The Liberal Party of Canada (PLC) lost the Toronto-St. Balls on June 24 Mr. sent Trudeau into a storm and reignited speculation about his political future.

More details to follow.

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