Govt-19: Legault says extended holiday meetings for 20 vaccinated people will only be possible for a short time

The Prime Minister said on Wednesday that the consequences of the Omicron variant being admitted to the hospital would be crucial in determining whether private holiday meetings could proceed as planned. Francois Legalt.

Mr. Legalt did not rule it out, allowing groups of up to 20 vaccinated people to assemble from December 23rd.

“As there are 2300 cases today, it is not responsible for not looking at all the possibilities,” the prime minister said a few hours before the cabinet meeting.

By announcing that the limit for gathering on holidays will be reduced from 10 to 20, the government did not specify the period during which this relaxation would take effect. The window for these extended meetings may be less, Mr. Legault said Wednesday.

“We have to be careful by the 23rd,” he told reporters before his ministry. Are we going to give the Cubs a few days off, when they have big families, just for mental health [la possibilité] To see each other, that is what we see. “

The impact of the new variant being admitted to the hospital due to COVID-19 is now unknown and they are at an acceptable level. Currently 300 In the health network. Screenings are expected over the next few days.

“I tell the Cubs: Be careful,” Mr. Legalt said. The Omicron variant is highly contagious and it is not yet known whether this variant will have an impact on hospitals, but it is not impossible. “

Mr. Legalt could not provide further details on the timing of the downward revision of the meetings.

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“I have no plans in this direction with public health today,” he said. We don’t have other Canadian provinces either, but we have to be careful. “

Mr. Legalt participated in activities with his provincial and federal counterparts on the effects of Omigran on Tuesday evening.

“For meetings of up to 20 people, there are very drastic measures in Quebec,” he said. Other prime ministers are also questioning. Nothing should be set aside for the next few days. “

Restrictions on non-essential travel were also discussed at the meeting.

Mr Trudeau proposes to tighten borders, Unnecessary tripsWe are open to that, he said. There are no more checks at airports and we’re ready for it, but what I said would take more federal employees. “

Day after tight

On Tuesday, Health Minister Christian Dube announced Tightening health measures to counter the proliferation of Omicron All over the world. He asked employers to restore delivery with the need to wear masks in common areas where seniors live and to discuss postponing return to class after the holiday break.

Labor Minister Jean Boulet agreed on Wednesday that the plan to allow 20 people to gather in this context may seem contradictory.

“It’s never completely consistent, you have to adapt and make better decisions,” he told the cabinet.

In order to follow public health recommendations regarding holiday meetings, Mr. Boulet relies on his co-workers for health.

“You always have to find a balance between public health and the health of the world,” he said.

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Teleworking is recommended if possible. Powell underlined. This request will be reconsidered when the holiday arrives.

“I understand the difficulty in restarting telephony, but it is necessary now,” Mr. Powell said.

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