September 26, 2023

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Trudeau needs Mira the dog and the white cane

Trudeau needs Mira the dog and the white cane

“There are no blind people worse than those who do not want to see,” says the proverb.

These people can see. They do not suffer from any diseases and have excellent healthy eyes.

But when reality contradicts their beliefs, when certain facts go against their ideology, they suddenly become blind and unable to see anything.

“What? What? Racist immigrants campaigning against abortion and gay rights? It can’t be, look! It’s impossible! Only white people support such ideas!

A Fake news!

As Joseph Fagel wrote on July 11More and more Muslim groups are openly campaigning against LGBTQ+ rights.

They do not want homosexuality discussed in school and view sex education courses as propaganda tools, not to mention recruitment tools.

“Leave our children alone!” They say as they stomp the rainbow flag in front of the cameras.

Such incidents are increasing. In the US and Canada.

Recently, at the Calgary Stampede, we even saw a member of the Conservative Party of Canada pose proudly wearing a t-shirt alongside anti-gay Muslim activists.Leave our children alone!ยป

and informed by National Post One person in yesterday’s picture is Mahmoud Moura – who organized a protest against “LGBTQ homophobia” in Canadian schools last month in Calgary!

But you know what?

Nothing like that!

The Muslim movement against the rights of sexual minorities is an invention of the extreme right!

It is not true that Muslims are fighting against homosexuals and transgenders!

It’s a conspiracy fake news Newly Invented by the American Far Right!

Justin Trudeau said this at a Calgary mosque last week.

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“This so-called movement is fueled by those who have always fought against Muslim rights and the Muslim community,” he said.

In short, are you saying that Muslims are campaigning against gay rights?

You are racist! Islamophobia! You incite hatred and fan the sparks of intolerance!

The minority is always right

Are Catholics Fighting Against Gays?

It’s true!

Are Muslims fighting against homosexuals?

This is wrong!

Because Muslims are a minority! And minorities unite!

No black person is racist! No woman is against abortion! No Muslim is against homosexuals! NO MEXICAN PEOPLE TO SUPPORT TRUMP! No gays will vote for Duhaime or Poilivre!

That is impossible!

Minorities are always on the right side! They are virtue incarnate! They all defend progressive values!

They are like the needles of a compass, they always point in the right direction!

A Catholic white man who fights against homosexuals is a bastard!

A Muslim Arab fighting against homosexuals, a lost and confused man being exploited by Catholic whites!

It’s all Catholic white people’s fault!

Especially if they’re heterosexual, oops!

Justin Trudeau deserves a special place in the encyclopedias.

In fact, this is the first time in Canada’s history that a person who is deaf and blind has led the country’s destiny.