Trudeau should change the name of the airport!

Trudeau should change the name of the airport!

Article published in the magazine Intelligence and National Security It confirms what we already know, but adds new elements.

In the 1970s, Trudeau Sr. ordered spying on the Quebec sovereignty movement, even though it was legitimate and democratic.

That’s what we know.

We also know that part of this work was carried out by the RCMP in violation of Canadian laws.


No wonder he sent the army to Quebec in 1970 to terrorize the entire population and imprison innocent people, knowing full well that the FLQ was only for a select few.

Now we are learning, and not surprisingly, that another part of this dirty work was carried out by a top-secret unit within the Prime Minister’s Office that operated outside the official intelligence system of the Canadian government. He also used the machinery of the Liberal Party of Canada to gather information.

More than 50 years after the fact, the documents revealed in this article are still heavily edited. To save us from knowing what else?

Obviously, it didn’t stop there. A report by retired Justice Bernard Grenier and investigations by Robin Philpott and Norman Lester lifted the veil on some of the massive fraud perpetrated by the federal government and its allies during the 1995 polls.

And it will start again when the sovereigns regain strength.

But let’s get back to Trudeau Sr. and this federal government that wants to teach moral lessons to the entire planet.

I am asking a very simple question.

When you see what this man did, how he trampled on the most basic principles of the law, is it still acceptable, is it morally justifiable to name the main airport in Quebec in his honor?

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A friend told me a comment that stuck in my head.

Suppose we learn that a Canadian prime minister ordered the spying of native chiefs.

Suppose he ordered to steal the list of tribal activists.

Suppose he ordered the imprisonment of hundreds of innocent people.

Does he have rights at his airport?


In Ottawa, John A. To highlight the memory of the Superintendent of “Indian Affairs” in Macdonald’s government, let us recall the loss of the Prime Minister’s office, the building long known as the “Langevin Building”. Name.

Langevin was one of the architects of the residential school system in the 19th century.e century

Will we continue to name Quebec City’s airport after Pierre Elliott Trudeau?

The Assembly should take up the matter. The National Assembly is expected to pass a motion seeking the removal of his name and stating the reasons therefor.

Insult has its limits.


I will take a break till September 23.

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