Olimal strike: An agreement has been reached in principle

From Friday to Saturday, an agreement was reached between the management of Alimal and the union staff of the Wally-Johnson Pork Cutting Factory.

The Wally-Johns Workers Union (STOVJ) made the announcement early Saturday morning.

STOVJ will no longer have to convene its members in the General Assembly and present the agreement in principle.

“The time for the parties to edit the texts will be announced to the union members in the coming days,” a statement said, without elaborating.

For their part, Elevers de Forks du Quebec was pleased with the deal: “The slaughter rate could increase, thus freeing pig producers who have been struggling since the beginning of the conflict.” […] To manage pig surpluses in their buildings and thus avoid food waste, ”one might read in the press release.

“Quebec pig farmers have paid the price for this strike, and it will continue until everything returns to normal. In the future, ways must be considered to prevent such situations from happening again. Farm families contribute greatly to the economy of our province. , ”Said David Dowell, head of breeders.

An indefinite general strike called on April 28 halted the operation of the Alimel pig slaughter, slaughtering and boning plant at Walle-Johnson in the Sauer-Appalach area. Since then, negotiations between management and the union have been at a standstill, especially due to the issue of pay and hours.

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