Twenty deaths at CHSLD in Drummondville

Twenty deaths at CHSLD in Drummondville

Twenty patients have died of CHIV-19 in CHSLD Frederick-George-Heriot over the past few weeks, battling a major outbreak.

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Since March 8, 19 deaths have been recorded at the establishment. The most recent assessment reported 61 active cases among patients and 16 cases among staff against it.

Employees told TVA Nouvelles anonymously that staff were on the verge of exhaustion and that staff shortages were hampering the provision of basic amenities.

Excessive employee migration may have contributed to the spread of the virus in CHSLD, these sources suggested.

One caregiver experienced the effects of this explosion up close. “My husband has a sister and a brother here, but not on the same floor. His sister died of goiter last week,” said Yolande Ayode.

However, the situation does not appear to be critical everywhere in the establishment, with explosions limited to eight to six maintenance units. After that, the situation was restored to three units. “It simply came to our notice then. On the contrary, I see a lot of love from the staff, ”said Paul Roy, a caretaker who met with TVA Novelles.

“The staff are loving and they are dedicated,” Ms Ayote added.

A dozen Red Cross workers were sent to strengthen the staff. At least a dozen service assistants from other companies have also agreed to come and lend a hand.

– Jean-François Desbiens, with information from TVA Nouvelles

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